Chapter 18.31


18.31.010    Purpose.

18.31.020    Shoreline permit procedures.

18.31.010 Purpose.

A. The purpose of this chapter is to recognize that there are additional regulations adopted pursuant to the Shoreline Management Act that have similar force and effect as the other regulations adopted in this title. Standards and regulations governing uses in the shorelines of Langley are stipulated in the form of policies and regulations in the city of Langley shoreline master program. Every effort was made in adopting the SMP to be as consistent as possible with the city’s zoning and related regulations. Where there is a conflict between the regulations of the SMP and other regulations adopted by the city, the SMP regulations take precedence.

B. Unless specifically exempted by Chapter 90.58 RCW or Chapter 173-24 WAC, no project or activity shall be undertaken on shorelines of the city without first obtaining a substantial development permit. Under the city shoreline master program, shorelines of the city are designated as urban, shoreline residential, aquatic and urban aquatic shoreline environments, in which substantial developments are identified as permitted or conditional uses. Substantial developments not identified as permitted require a shoreline conditional use permit. Projects or activities deviating from the specific regulations of the master program require a shoreline variance permit. Exempt projects must comply with the provisions of the master program. (Ord. 820, 2002)

18.31.020 Shoreline permit procedures.

A. Administration of the shoreline permit system shall be carried out by the city planning official in accordance with the procedures, time lines and other requirements of Chapter 173-14 WAC.

B. The following local procedures shall apply exclusively to all requests for shoreline substantial development, conditional use, and variance permits:

1. To the fullest extent possible, the shoreline permit process shall be integrated with other planning and licensing procedures of this title.

2. Pursuant to Chapter 18.36, the city planning official has authority to issue shoreline substantial development permits in certain circumstances. In all other cases, shoreline permits are issued after a public hearing by the hearing examiner.

3. Appeals of permit decisions shall be as set forth in Chapter 18.36 and RCW 90.58.180. (Ord. 957 § 23, 2011; Ord. 820, 2002)