Chapter 18.32


18.32.010    Nonconforming uses.

18.32.020    Nonconforming structures.

18.32.030    Nonconforming lots.

18.32.010 Nonconforming uses.

A. Continuance. Nonconforming uses may be continued if:

1. The use was lawful at the time it was established;

2. The use has not been discontinued for a period of 12 consecutive months since the nonconformity was established; and

3. The use has not been enlarged in scope or size in any way, except as required to meet state or federal standards.

B. Discontinuance. All nonconforming uses not conducted in buildings or accessory buildings on the same lot shall be discontinued within three years of the starting date of nonconformity or adoption of this title, whichever is later. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.32.020 Nonconforming structures.

A. Alterations. A nonconforming structure may be altered or enlarged, if:

1. Alterations to the structure do not increase the nonconformity in any way;

2. Alterations are necessary to meet city, state, or federal requirements; or

3. Alterations meet the existing requirements of the zone in which the structure is located.

B. Restoration of Damage. A nonconforming structure may be restored, if damaged by fire or other hazard, in the same location and dimensions as existed before the damage occurred if restoration begins within six months of the date the damage occurred. Upon a showing of hardship or conditions causing delay, which are beyond the control of the applicant, the mayor may grant an extension of time for up to six additional months. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.32.030 Nonconforming lots.

A. Continuance. A nonconforming lot may be continued if:

1. The lot was a lawfully established lot at the time the nonconformity was established;

2. It does not adjoin a lot which has no structure on it and is under the same ownership, if the nonconformity is due to lot size; and

3. All uses of the nonconforming lot comply with all other provisions of this title.

B. Discontinuance. The nonconforming status of a lot shall be discontinued if:

1. A single, nonconforming lot adjoins another unimproved lot under the same ownership. Such lots shall be merged by lot line adjustment as provided in this code;

2. A nonconforming lot adjoins more than one adjoining unimproved lot under the same ownership. Such lots shall be merged into the least number of lots, which most nearly meet the requirements of this title. (Ord. 527, 1989)