Chapter 18.38


18.38.010    Scope.

18.38.020    Initiation of text amendments.

18.38.030    Rezones.

18.38.040    Contract rezone.

18.38.050    Amendment procedures.

18.38.010 Scope.

After review and recommendation by the planning advisory board, the city council may supplement, or change by ordinance, any of the provisions, zone district boundaries, or zone district classifications herein. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.38.020 Initiation of text amendments.

Amendments to the text of this title may be initiated by the city council or the planning advisory board. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.38.030 Rezones.

A. Initiation. Amendments to the zone district boundaries or zone classifications may be initiated by the city council, planning advisory board or petition of owners of 51 percent of the area of the properties to be rezoned.

B. Required Findings. Amendments to the zone district boundaries or classification may be made if all the following findings are made:

1. The amendment is consistent with the purposes of the comprehensive plan;

2. The amendment is consistent with the purposes of this title;

3. The amendment is consistent and compatible with the uses and zoning of the surrounding property;

4. There have been significant changes in the circumstances of the property to be rezoned or surrounding properties to warrant a change in classification;

5. The property is practically and physically suited for the uses allowed in the proposed zoning classification;

6. The benefit or cost to the public health, safety and welfare is sufficient to warrant the action.

C. Burden of Proof. The applicant must demonstrate that the proposed rezone meets the conditions of the required findings above. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.38.040 Contract rezone.

The city may impose conditions on the use and development of the property to be rezoned which may mitigate otherwise unacceptable adverse effects of the proposed action. These conditions may be incorporated into a contract between the city and the property owner as a necessary requirement of the rezone. Failure to fulfill the contract conditions can provide the basis for the property to revert to the original zoning classification. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.38.050 Amendment procedures.

The application requirements, review procedures, public notification requirements and procedures for recommendations and actions are described in Chapter 18.36. (Ord. 527, 1989)