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Leavenworth Municipal Code Web-Access


The City of Leavenworth is pleased to present public web-access to the Leavenworth Municipal Code (LMC). Access to the LMC is for reference purposes only. The user expressly agrees that the use of the Code Publishing website for access to the LMC is at the user’s own risk. The Leavenworth City Clerk has the official version of the LMC. Users should contact the Clerk for reference to the official version and for reference to ordinances passed subsequent to the LMC cited herein.

Prospective developers: In preparing for a future development application or license, please be advised that the City has the authority and responsibility of interpreting and determining the application of the LMC. LMC 21.07.020 requires that a pre-application meeting is held prior to the submission of an application for all projects. The purpose of a pre-application meeting is to provide the applicant with the best available information regarding the development proposal and application processing requirements, and to assure the availability of complete and accurate development information necessary for review prior to the applicant’s expenditure of application fees and the scheduling of the application review process. The City encourages prospective applicants to contact the Community Development Department early in the process of preparing a proposal and/or application to arrange for a pre-application meeting as required by the LMC.

Projects within Leavenworth’s Urban Growth Area are subject to compliance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and LMC, as adopted within Chelan County’s Code. Chelan County is the permitting authority for the Urban Growth Area.

In no event shall the City of Leavenworth become liable to users of this information, or any other party, for any loss or damages, consequential or otherwise, including, but not limited to time, money, or goodwill, arising from the use, misuse, operation, or modification of the LMC, or information contained therein. In using the information, users further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of Leavenworth for any and all liability of any nature arising out of or resulting from the lack of accuracy, currency, completeness, or correctness of the information, and/or the use or misuse of the information. In addition, the contents of this server, or site, are subject to change without notice and do not represent a commitment on the part of the City of Leavenworth in the future.

I have read, understand, and fully agree with this "Disclaimer and Terms of Service."