Chapter 8.20


8.20.010    Compliance required.

8.20.020    Work ordered by city when – Liability for costs.

8.20.010 Compliance required.

Any person, firm or corporation owning, renting, leasing, living upon or having in charge property within the city upon which fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs, vines or other horticultural plants are situated is required to properly disinfect the same in compliance with the rules and regulations of the State Horticultural Department, and any proper order of or notice from the State District Horticultural Inspector or his deputies. [Ord. 313 § 1, 1940.]

8.20.020 Work ordered by city when – Liability for costs.

If any person, firm or corporation has not complied with an order or notice from the Horticultural Inspector or his deputies, within the time specified in such notice or order, the city, by its authorized officers, agents or employees, is given authority to have such disinfection done at the expense of the property owner. Upon the failure of such property owner to pay the expense of such disinfection within 30 days, the expense thereof shall be charged against such property and collected as other taxes; provided, however, that in the discretion of the city, its authorized officer or officers may collect the cost of disinfection at the time of doing the work from the person, firm or corporation owning, renting or leasing or living upon or having charge of such property; and provided, further, that in case the cost of such disinfection is not paid at the time of doing such disinfection, or within the specified 30 days, the city may, in its discretion, bring suit in any court of competent jurisdiction against such person, firm or corporation, for the recovery of such cost of disinfection, together with all costs, attorneys’ fees and other expenses incident thereto. [Ord. 313 § 2, 1940.]


For statutory provisions concerning the responsibility of cities to disinfect or destroy all infected trees or shrubs growing upon public property, see RCW 15.08.230; for statutory provisions concerning the owner’s duty to disinfect or destroy vegetation and the procedures to be followed, see generally Chapter 15.08 RCW.