Chapter 12.70


12.70.010    Division created.

12.70.020    Positions.

12.70.030    Powers and duties of airports manager.

12.70.040    Airports rules and regulations.

12.70.050    Violation is civil infraction.

12.70.060    Effective date.

12.70.010 Division created.

There shall be, and the board of county commissioners does hereby create and establish, a division within the department of public works to be known as the airports division. [Ord. 1322 §1, 2020]

12.70.020 Positions.

Positions within the airports division shall consist of the airports manager and such other staff as may be established and authorized in the county’s annual budget. [Ord. 1322 §1, 2020]

12.70.030 Powers and duties of airports manager.

The powers and duties of the airports manager shall be to perform any and all duties which heretofore have been assigned to the airports manager, including scheduling, managing and overseeing the airports; administering the leases at the airports; and such other related functions and duties as may be assigned by the director of public works. [Ord. 1322 §1, 2020]

12.70.040 Airports rules and regulations.

The director of public works shall adopt, and from time to time shall review and revise, rules and regulations applicable to all airports owned and operated by Lewis County. A copy of the Lewis County airports rules and regulations shall be placed on file with the public works department and may be reviewed during normal business hours. A copy of the rules and regulations shall also be posted at each airport owned and operated by Lewis County. [Ord. 1322 §1, 2020]

12.70.050 Violation is civil infraction.

Violation of the rules and regulations promulgated under this chapter shall be a civil infraction and the provisions of LCC 1.20.040 shall be applicable. [Ord. 1322 §1, 2020]

12.70.060 Effective date.

The effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter shall be the November 1, 2020. [Ord. 1322 §1, 2020]