Chapter 17.15


17.15.010    Purpose.

17.15.015    Three options.

17.15.018    Option 1 - Continued county standards.

17.15.020    Option 2 - Incorporation of zoning standards by reference.

17.15.025    Option 3 - Incorporation and administration by agreement.

17.15.030    Violations.

17.15.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this section is to articulate the methods to regulate urban growth areas in Lewis County. Such rules will facilitate the development of the areas in a manner consistent with the comprehensive plan of the city to which the urban growth area will ultimately be annexed. [Ord. 1298 §1, 2019; Ord. 1170B, 2000]

17.15.015 Three options.

Lewis County utilizes three options to administer urban growth areas.

(1) Option 1. The county administers the urban growth area, and relies completely on county regulations. This option applies to cities that have not zoned their urban growth area and/or do not wish to have their urban growth area develop at urban densities until the time of annexation.

(2) Option 2. The county administers the urban growth area, and relies on county regulations, except for city zoning standards.

(3) Option 3. A city administers the urban growth area through standards identified in an approved interlocal agreement. [Ord. 1298 §1, 2019]

17.15.018 Option 1 - Continued county standards.

(1) Any land within a city urban growth area which is not designated in a city land use map, or for which a city does not wish to have urban growth occur prior to annexation, shall be zoned:

(a) Rural development district at one dwelling unit per five acres (RDD-5) and treated as such within a long-term growth area until such time as the city adopts specific land use designations for the property or annexes the property.

(b) All other county standards will continue to apply. [Ord. 1298 §1, 2019]

17.15.020 Option 2 - Incorporation of zoning standards by reference.

(1) Adoption by Reference. Lewis County adopts by reference the zoning standards adopted by the following cities:

(a) Morton;

(b) Mossyrock;

(c) Napavine;

(d) PeEll;

(e) Any city where a previous interlocal agreement has been discontinued, unless the city specifically requests to be reviewed under Option 1.

(2) Zoning Requirements. To ensure that city zoning standards are effectively addressed, Lewis County will send the project applications and a review form to each city when a project occurs in their urban growth area. The city should review the proposal for consistency with their underlying requirements including:

(a) Whether the use is allowed in the underlying city-defined zone.

(b) Whether the use meets the required setbacks.

(c) Whether the use meets the allowed height standards.

(3) Water and Sewer Requirements. Where a connection to city water or sewer is required, Lewis County will also ensure that the applicant works with the city to ensure that the project is installed according to city standards.

(4) Other Requirements. Beyond these basic requirements, county standards related to critical areas, building codes, SEPA, land divisions, and other items will apply.

(5) Purpose. The purpose of these provisions is to provide a simplified method to apply the plans and regulations of each city to the applicable urban growth area. [Ord. 1298 §1, 2019; Ord. 1190 Ex. A, 2006; Ord. 1179D Ex. A, 2003; Ord. 1170B, 2000]

17.15.025 Option 3 - Incorporation and administration by agreement.

(1) Administration of Urban Growth Area through Interlocal Agreement. Cities may administer the review of development within their urban growth areas when an interlocal agreement has been reached with Lewis County.

(2) Lewis County will retain administration and permitting authority over items such as right-of-way use or access permits, flood damage prevention standards, board of health standards, including standards for on-site sewage systems (Chapter 8.40 LCC) and Group B public water systems (Chapter 8.55 LCC), code enforcement activities, and provisions for marijuana land uses. The county will also retain SEPA lead agency status for any county-sponsored projects within the unincorporated urban growth area.

(3) Provisions of the interlocal agreement shall govern the use and standards of the agreement. [Ord. 1298 §1, 2019; Ord. 1190 Ex. A, 2006; Ord. 1179D Ex. A, 2003]

17.15.030 Violations.

Regardless of the option chosen in this chapter, a violation of any adopted code or standard pertaining to conduct or development in the urban growth area or the urban growth area’s administration is punishable as a civil violation under LCC 1.20.040 and shall be a public nuisance subject to all remedies as may be available under the law. The penalties in this provision are cumulative and separate to any other available penalties, civil or criminal, established under other law. [Ord. 1333 (Exh. B), 2022]