Chapter 12.04


12.04.010    Banner defined.

12.04.020    Permit – Required.

12.04.030    Permit – Who may obtain.

12.04.040    Permit – Application.

12.04.050    Permit – Fee.

12.04.060    Permit – Issuance – Appeal.

12.04.070    Erection and removal – Specifications.

12.04.010 Banner defined.

“Banner,” as used in this chapter, means any display, other than Christmas decorations, attached to public facilities on opposite sides of a public street and extending over a public street or sidewalk, or any portion thereof, containing writing and/or graphics thereon. (Ord. 2692 § 1, 1998; Ord. 1152 § 1, 1963).

12.04.020 Permit – Required.

It is unlawful to erect or maintain a banner in the city without a valid permit therefor having been issued in the manner herein provided. (Ord. 1152 § 1, 1963).

12.04.030 Permit – Who may obtain.

Permits for the erection or maintenance of banners may be obtained only by fraternal, charitable, civic or veterans’ organizations, the city of Longview, or political subdivisions of the state providing services within the Longview city limits. (Ord. 2915 § 1, 2004; Ord. 1152 § 1, 1963).

12.04.040 Permit – Application.

(1) Applicants desiring to erect or maintain a banner in the city shall first make written application for a permit so to do, which application must be filed with the public works department no more than 12 calendar months in advance of the starting date requested for display of the banner, and shall contain the following information:

(a) The name and local address of the organization seeking a permit;

(b) The dimensions of the banner for which the permit is sought; together with the words to be displayed thereon;

(c) The proposed location of the banner;

(d) The dates on which the banner is sought to be displayed.

(2) The public works department may approve applications and reserve dates for banner displays based on the first application received for a specific date period, subject to compliance with all requirements of this chapter. Banners may be displayed up to a maximum duration of 30 days within any 12-successive-calendar-month period, except as follows:

(a) Applicants may designate a banner as a “nonreserved banner,” which will be displayed at the specified location during periods that are not reserved for other banners. Nonreserved banners are not subject to a maximum duration of display, and will remain displayed until the next reserved banner is displayed. All banner display time is subject to reservation, which shall take precedent over nonreserved banners. Nonreserved banners will be removed and replaced by reserved banners on their designated display dates.

(b) Applicants may reserve display time for a banner, and may also designate that same banner as a nonreserved banner for display during available periods at the specified location.

(c) If more than one banner is designated as a nonreserved banner, the public works department will alternate or rotate display of all nonreserved banners. (Ord. 2915 § 2, 2004; Ord. 2692 § 1, 1998; Ord. 1152 § 1, 1963).

12.04.050 Permit – Fee.

The fee for any permit to be issued hereunder for a banner with a reserved display period shall be the nonrefundable sum of $25.00, and the fee for a nonreserved banner shall be the nonrefundable sum of $25.00 for each calendar year, which fees must be paid to the finance department of the city before the permit will be issued to the applicant. Fees shall be waived when the city of Longview is the banner applicant. (Ord. 2915 § 3, 2004; Ord. 2762, 2000; Ord. 2692 § 1, 1998; Ord. 1152 § 1, 1963).

12.04.060 Permit – Issuance – Appeal.

All applications for permits to erect or maintain banners shall be presented to the public works department at which time the public works director may, in his/her discretion, direct the issuance of a permit to the applicant upon such terms and conditions as the public works director may deem appropriate. If the director of public works denies the issuance of such permit, the appellant may appeal such denial to the city manager. (Ord. 2692 § 1, 1998; Ord. 1152 § 1, 1963).

12.04.070 Erection and removal – Specifications.

All banners for which permits have been granted shall be erected, maintained and removed by employees of the city; provided, however, that no banner shall be erected unless the same conforms to the following specifications:

(1) The proposed length, width and material of the banner shall be compatible with the width of the street over which it is sought to be placed and the public facilities to which it is proposed to be attached. Adequate vent holes shall be included, and sufficient reinforcement shall be included to avoid shredding, ripping and tearing of the material. The application will be reviewed by the public works director to determine the banner’s appropriateness as to such specifications, and as to the desired location of placement.

(2) No banners shall be permitted containing any form of commercial advertising, political or religious content and/or solicitation; provided, however, that incidental commercial advertising shall be permitted by commercial financial sponsors of city-wide public celebrations. The proposed message and graphics of all banners shall be submitted with the banner placement permit application. The application will be reviewed by the public works director to determine its appropriateness of message content, graphics and any commercial advertising in connection with sponsorship of city-wide public celebrations, and to assure that desired colors and graphics do not detract from traffic safety.

(3) Nonreserved banners may not promote events that have already concluded.

(4) The requested dates and duration of placement of the banner shall be submitted with the banner placement permit application.

(5) All banners shall contain one-half-inch (interior diameter) or No. 4 grommets on all corners and spaced not more than 48 inches apart along the banner’s top edge.

(6) All banners shall be rectangular in shape.

(7) All banners shall be furnished with 100 feet of one-fourth-inch or three-eighths-inch manila, hemp, cotton or sisal rope or nonstretchable nylon or plastic rope.

(8) All banners not retrieved by the banner sponsor within six months of the last display date shall be disposed of by the city, except the nonreserved banners shall be retained by the city for a period of up to six months after the permit calendar year. (Ord. 2915 § 4, 2004; Ord. 2692 § 1, 1998; Ord. 1152 § 1, 1963).