Title 15


Article I. Sewers

15.04    General Provisions

15.08    Definitions

15.12    Rates – Revenues – Permit Fees

15.16    Improvements – Replacements – Specifications

15.20    Service Beyond City Limits

15.24    Connection to Sanitary Trunk Sewer

15.26    Sewage Disposal

15.28    Annexations

Article II. Water

15.40    Administration

15.44    Service Connections

15.48    Water Meters

15.52    Shutoffs – Turn-ons

15.56    Billing Procedures

15.60    Prohibited Acts

15.64    Miscellaneous Provisions

15.68    Cross-Connection Control

15.72    Extensions – Additions

15.74    Water Shortage Response Plan

Article III. Miscellaneous Provisions

15.76    Refund of Deposits for City Utility Service

Article IV. Storm Water Utility

15.80    Storm Water Utility

*For the statutory provisions regarding sewage disposal by a code city, see RCW 35A.21.150. For the provisions regarding a code city’s authority to protect the city’s water supply etc., see RCW 35A.70.010.

Article I. Sewers