Utility Services Deposits

Pursuant to Chapters 15.12 and 15.56 LMC, the deposit amounts to be charged for utility services shall be as follows:

1. RESIDENTIAL: One hundred dollars ($100) for each residential account as determined to be the approximate average billing of a residence per one month within a twelve (12) month period.

2. COMMERCIAL: The average of one (1) month of billings within a twelve (12) month period as determined by the Finance Department, based upon the size and type of business, as well as the previous billings for service to that address.

3. ADDITIONAL DEPOSIT: If within a twelve (12) month period there are two (2) or more disconnects of a utility service to an address or account, residential or commercial, then before any utility service is resumed to that address or on that account the required deposit shall be twice the amount of the deposits set forth above. (Res. 1899, 2008)