Chapter 1.20


1.20.010    Voting procedures.

1.20.020    Adoption of new material.

1.20.030    Reading of full text upon request.

1.20.010 Voting procedures.

No ordinance shall contain more than one subject which shall be fully and clearly expressed in its title. Ordinances shall be presented to each member of the city council and the mayor in written form prior to any vote thereon; provided, that revisions and amendments may be made by voice vote at the meeting. Ordinances which meet these requirements may be passed without having the ordinance read in full at the meeting but shall require only that the title to the ordinance be read aloud at the meeting and that thereafter the procedures in voting referred to in RCW 35A.12.130, 35A.12.150 and 35A.12.160 be complied with. (Ord. 620 § 1, 1971)

1.20.020 Adoption of new material.

New material shall be adopted by the city council as separate ordinances prior to the inclusion thereof in the Lynnwood Municipal Code; provided, that any ordinance amending or revising the codification shall set forth in full the section, or sections, or subsections of the codification being amended, as the case may be, and this shall constitute a sufficient compliance with any statutory requirement that no ordinance or any section thereof shall be revised or amended unless the new ordinance sets forth the revised ordinance or amended section in full. (Ord. 620 § 2, 1971)

1.20.030 Reading of full text upon request.

In the event that any member of the city council or person present in the audience so requests, the full text of the proposed ordinance shall be read aloud prior to vote thereon. (Ord. 626 § 1, 1971; Ord. 620 § 3, 1971)