Chapter 2.06


2.06.010    Scope.

2.06.020    Confirmation process resolution or motions – Elements.

2.06.030    Referral of candidates.

2.06.040    Confirmation vote.

2.06.010 Scope.

This chapter shall apply to the appointment and confirmation process of the following appointive city officials and employees: city attorney under LMC 2.16.020, municipal court judge under LMC 2.19.030, hearing examiner under LMC 2.22.030, finance director under LMC 2.12.030, parks and recreation department director under LMC 2.32.040, fire chief under LMC 2.34.030, police chief under LMC 2.36.030, public works director under LMC 2.44.020, economic development director under LMC 2.45.030, community development director, and human resources director. (Ord. 2423 § 1, 2002; Ord. 2328 § 1, 2000; Ord. 2324 § 1, 2000; Ord. 2311 § 2, 2000)

2.06.020 Confirmation process resolution or motions – Elements.

Any appointive officials or employees named in LMC 2.06.010 shall be subject to a confirmation process established by a city council resolution or motion, which for the referred candidates may include, but is not limited to: interviews, review of document submissions, open questions, and a hearing before the city council; provided, any interviews, questioning, or hearings before a majority of the members of the city council shall take place only in executive session to the extent permitted by the executive session provisions of the state’s Open Meetings Act. (Ord. 2423 § 2, 2002; Ord. 2311 § 2, 2000)

2.06.030 Referral of candidates.

No city councilmember shall be invited to, nor participate in, any administrative interview panel for candidate selection of appointive officials or employees. At the conclusion of the initial administrative interview process, the mayor shall refer to the council at least three candidates for a city council confirmation process. The council resolution or motion made pursuant to LMC 2.06.020 may change the number of candidates to be referred by mayor based upon substantial justification acceptable to the council. At the conclusion of the city council confirmation process, the mayor may make an appointment from the group of referred candidates to the council for a confirmation vote; provided, that individual councilmembers may contact the mayor informally prior to the appointment to informally voice their opinions and recommendations, if any, but the city council shall take no action to recommend or direct the mayor’s appointment of any candidate. Prior to the city council’s vote on the confirmation of any appointive official or employee under this chapter, the candidate shall be subject to a full and complete background check, pursuant to the city’s personnel and policy manual, conducted by the human resources department’s assigned third-party employment background screening administrator. The final results of the background check shall be communicated to the city council by the city’s human resources director or the human resources director’s designee prior to the council’s confirmation vote in executive session to the extent authorized by law. (Ord. 3261 § 1, 2017; Ord. 2901 § 1, 2011; Ord. 2311 § 2, 2000)

2.06.040 Confirmation vote.

The confirmation of a proposed appointment by the mayor shall be by a majority vote of the city council. (Ord. 2311 § 2, 2000)