Chapter 2.08


2.08.010    Appointment.

2.08.020    Duties.

2.08.030    Salary.

*Prior legislation: Ord. 23.

2.08.010 Appointment.

There is created a position of an assistant to the mayor, who shall be and act as an assistant to the mayor and shall be under the authority and direction of the mayor. The position may be filled or vacated by action of the mayor. (Ord. 2378 § 2, 2001; Ord. 685 § 1, 1973)

2.08.020 Duties.

The assistant shall assist the mayor in the performance of various duties as determined by the mayor and shall do all things required by the mayor or city council to assist in the administration of the city government business. The incumbent shall assist in the coordination and liaison of city business between the city council and the various city officers and the city departments. Except for the above-specified duties for the city council, the mayor may modify the position’s duties as needed. (Ord. 2378 § 3, 2001; Ord. 685 § 2, 1973)

2.08.030 Salary.

The assistant shall receive a salary in such amount as the city council may establish from time-to-time by general salary ordinance. (Ord. 2378 § 4, 2001; Ord. 730 § 5, 1974; Ord. 685 § 3, 1973)