Chapter 2.12


2.12.010    Office – Established.

2.12.015    Office – Change of title.

2.12.020    Office – Effective date of combination.

2.12.030    Office – Appointive not elective.

2.12.035    Appointment of an interim finance director.

2.12.040    Powers and duties.

2.12.045    Limited authority to write off uncollectible debt.

2.12.050    Bond required.

2.12.060    Salary.

2.12.010 Office – Established.

Pursuant to RCW 35.24.142, the office of treasurer shall be combined with that of finance director and the combined office shall be the office of finance director. (Ord. 3404 § 3 (Att. A), 2021; Ord. 586 § 1, 1971)

2.12.015 Office – Change of title.

The combined office of clerk-treasurer shall be referred to as the office of the financial director. The duties and responsibilities of the office remain the same and are not affected by this title change. (Ord. 2059 § 1, 1995)

2.12.020 Office – Effective date of combination.

The combination of offices shall become effective May 10, 1971, after which the office of treasurer shall be abolished. (Ord. 586 § 2, 1971)

2.12.030 Office – Appointive not elective.

The combined office shall be an appointive rather than elective position. The finance director shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to a city council confirmation process in Chapter 2.06 LMC which includes, but is not limited to, a majority vote of the city council. The finance director shall hold the appointment at the pleasure of the mayor. (Ord. 2423 § 3, 2002; Ord. 586 § 3, 1971)

2.12.035 Appointment of an interim finance director.

A. In the event that the office of finance director is vacant, or the finance director is temporarily absent, the mayor is authorized to appoint a city employee to act as interim finance director for a period not to exceed 90 days.

B. The person appointed as acting finance director shall have all the authority and perform all the duties of the office of financial director of the city of Lynnwood, and shall file a bond as provided in LMC 2.12.050, but not to exceed 90 days from appointment. In the event an acting finance director is appointed pending appointment of a new finance director, and in the event that a new finance director is not appointed within 90 days of the appointment of an interim finance director, the city council shall take timely action to provide that the duties of the office of financial director are fulfilled. (Ord. 2068 § 1, 1996)

2.12.040 Powers and duties.

The finance director shall exercise all the powers vested in and perform all the duties required to be performed by the treasurer together with those of the finance director and also perform such other duties as the city may prescribe. (Ord. 3404 § 3 (Att. A), 2021; Ord. 586 § 4, 1971)

2.12.045 Limited authority to write off uncollectible debt.

The finance director is authorized to write off those debts owed to the city which, following a diligent and reasonable effort to collect the debt, including but not limited to referral to a collection agency for action, the finance director reasonably determines to be uncollectible; provided, that such debt shall not exceed $1,000. Any debt that totals more than $1,000 shall not be written off without prior city council approval. (Ord. 2682 § 1, 2007)

2.12.050 Bond required.

The combination of offices shall be contingent upon filing a bond in the principal sum of at least $200,000, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties including the duties of all offices of which the director is made the ex-officio by law. (Ord. 3404 § 3 (Att. A), 2021; Ord. 2059 § 3, 1995; Ord. 1551 § 1, 1986; Ord. 586 § 5, 1971)

2.12.060 Salary.

The finance director shall receive a salary in such amount as the city council may establish from time-to-time by ordinance. (Ord. 586 § 6, 1971)