Chapter 2.23


2.23.010    Purpose – Community development department.

2.23.020    Community development director – Defined.

2.23.030    Duties of the community development department.

2.23.100    Explanation of fees and charges.

2.23.120    Repealed.

2.23.140    Repealed.

2.23.010 Purpose – Community development department.

The “community development department” is responsible for the city’s current and long range planning, maintaining and enforcing the zoning, business licensing, subdivision, environmental review, building and related construction codes and code enforcement (nuisance) sections of Lynnwood Municipal Code. The department manages the city’s permit center function and supports the activities of the hearing examiner, planning and human services commissions. (Ord. 3257 § 2, 2017)

2.23.020 Community development director – Defined.

The “community development director” is the head of the community development department, the director’s authorized representative or any representative authorized by the mayor. The director also serves as the city’s designated SEPA official. (Ord. 3257 § 2, 2017)

2.23.030 Duties of the community development department.

The community development department shall supervise and control the following:

A. Preparation and implementation of the budget for the department;

B. Formulate and recommend comprehensive goals on planning;

C. Ensure compliance with statutory requirements relative to environmental issues;

D. Direct preparation and review of environmental impact statements and technical reports and determine final action on environmental issues;

E. Act as the city’s responsible official for SEPA compliance;

F. Provide staff to support the planning commission, human services commission, and hearing examiner;

G. Coordinate with public works and parks departments to ensure departmental plans are consistent with the comprehensive plan;

H. Coordinate with public works, fire, police and parks departments regarding developer plans to ensure department ability to provide required services to developing areas;

I. Represent city on regional issues;

J. Coordinate with other jurisdictions and agencies to resolve issues with neighboring jurisdictions;

K. Develop and maintain the comprehensive plan and sub-area plans;

L. Provide lead in annexation issues;

M. Develop and maintain the zoning ordinance;

N. Ensure compliance with the Growth Management Act; and

O. Oversee process for new developments and land use applications, and issue decisions as specified in this code. (Ord. 3257 § 2, 2017)

2.23.100 Explanation of fees and charges.

Costs associated with providing service to the public for application and permit processing and other services will be partially recovered using a combination of fixed fees and hourly charges and fully recovered as costs are related to consulting fees and public notification requirements. To effect recovery, fees for land use applications and miscellaneous services and fees associated with building, mechanical, electrical, fire and grading are established by ordinance as adopted and from time to time amended by the city council. (Ord. 3257 § 2, 2017; Ord. 2699 § 7, 2007; Ord. 2588 § 1, 2005; Ord. 2242 § 1, 1999)

2.23.120 Fee schedules.

Repealed by Ord. 2588. (Ord. 2388 § 2, 2001; Ord. 2318 § 14, 2000)

2.23.140 Applications – Deposits/bonds.

Repealed by Ord. 3257. (Ord. 2699 § 8, 2007)