Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Created – Purpose.

2.32.020    Powers and duties of the department.

2.32.030    Establishing, publishing and enforcing regulations.

2.32.040    Appointment and duties of parks, recreation and cultural arts director and other employees.

2.32.050    Park budget.

2.32.060    Penalty for violations.

2.32.010 Created – Purpose.

For the purpose of providing for the proper maintenance and operation of public parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities belonging to the city of Lynnwood, and to provide for the acquisition of land, structures, and other facilities for the park and recreational program of the city, there is hereby created and established a department of said city to be known as the municipal park and recreation department, hereinafter called “the department.” This chapter is enacted to vest the administration of the park and recreation program in a municipal department. (Ord. 124 § 1, 1962)

2.32.020 Powers and duties of the department.

The department shall have all the powers and perform all the duties provided by the laws of the state of Washington relating to parks and recreational facilities in the cities of the third class. The department shall have the power to conduct any form of recreation or cultural activity that will employ the leisure time of the people in a constructive and wholesome manner, and shall have control and supervision of all parks belonging to said city, and may plan, promote, manage and acquire, construct, develop, maintain, and operate, either within or without the city limits, parks, squares, parkways and boulevards, play and recreation grounds, and/or other municipally owned recreation facilities, including community buildings, and improve and ornament the same. The department may also solicit or receive on behalf of the city council any gifts or bequests of money or other personal property or any donation to be applied, principal or income, for either temporary or permanent use for playgrounds, parks, or other recreational purposes. The department shall have no power to acquire land or property, or to accept gifts of real or personal property, without the approval of the city council, and any property acquired shall be in the name of the city. (Ord. 124 § 2, 1962)

2.32.030 Establishing, publishing and enforcing regulations.

The department shall have power to make rules and regulations for the use of the park and recreational facilities and the government and management of the department, subject to approval of the city council. All rules, regulations, and amendments and changes adopted by the department shall be promulgated by one publication in the official newspaper of the city, and a copy thereof shall be filed in the office of the city clerk. These rules and regulations shall have full force and effect from and after the date of said publication. This chapter and rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto shall be enforced by the police department. Violation of rules and regulations so adopted shall be a violation of this chapter. (Ord. 124 § 3, 1962)

2.32.040 Appointment and duties of parks, recreation and cultural arts director and other employees.

The director of the department for parks, recreation and cultural arts shall be the head of the department. The director of parks, recreation and cultural arts shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to a city council confirmation process in Chapter 2.06 LMC which includes, but is not limited to, a majority vote of the city council. The director of parks, recreation and cultural arts shall hold the appointment at the pleasure of the mayor. The department shall have charge of the management of the park and playground system and of the appointment and supervision of qualified employees thereof for the effective administration, construction and development of the public park and recreation system. The department director shall have such other powers and duties as may from time-to-time be imposed and conferred upon him by law or by ordinance. (Ord. 2423 § 4, 2002; Ord. 2353 § 1, 2001; Ord. 124 § 4, 1962)

2.32.050 Park budget.

Annually, the department shall submit a budget to the city council on or before the second Monday in August for its approval. (Ord. 124 § 5, 1962)

2.32.060 Penalty for violations.

The violation of this chapter shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $100.00. (Ord. 124 § 6, 1962)