Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Department established – Personnel described.

2.40.020    Appointment and salary of personnel.

2.40.030    Duties of superintendent.

2.40.010 Department established – Personnel described.

A sewer department of the city of Lynnwood is hereby established. Personnel shall consist of a superintendent and such other employees as the city council may from time-to-time deem necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the department. (Ord. 147 § 2.01, 1963)

2.40.020 Appointment and salary of personnel.

The superintendent of the sewer department shall be the public works/city engineer. Personnel shall receive such salary as the council may determine. (Ord. 2423 § 7, 2002; Ord. 147 § 2.02, 1963)

2.40.030 Duties of superintendent.

The superintendent shall oversee and supervise the operation and maintenance of the sewer system, the making of repairs of all kinds, the construction of all extensions and additions, and all construction work of whatever nature in connection with the present sewer system, and any systems now under construction or any new systems that may be established. The superintendent shall at all times be subject to the direction and authority of the mayor. (Ord. 147 § 2.03, 1963)