Chapter 3.102


3.102.010    Tree fund established.

3.102.020    Custodian designated.

3.102.030    Source of monies.

3.102.040    Appropriation of monies.

3.102.050    Approval considerations and criteria.

3.102.060    Interest and earnings.

3.102.010 Tree fund established.

There is hereby created and established a fund known as the “tree fund.” (Ord. 2481 § 3, 2004)

3.102.020 Custodian designated.

The mayor, or his designee, is authorized to administer the operations of the tree fund. (Ord. 2481 § 3, 2004)

3.102.030 Source of monies.

All revenues, mitigation fees, civil fines, and penalties received by the city under Chapter 17.15 LMC, and any donations or grant monies received to achieve the purposes of Chapter 17.15 LMC and this chapter, shall be deposited into the tree fund. (Ord. 2481 § 3, 2004)

3.102.040 Appropriation of monies.

Monies in the tree fund may be used for the following purposes, as reviewed and approved by the city:

A. Paying for all services and supplies necessary to designate a heritage tree;

B. Providing grant money to individuals for propagation of seedling trees, purchasing and planting trees, and for purchasing and applying necessary fertilizers or accessories;

C. Paying for services provided by a qualified tree professional;

D. Acquiring, maintaining, and preserving wooded areas within the city;

E. Purchasing supplies and materials for the city’s observance of Arbor Day;

F. Other purposes relating to trees as determined by the city.

Monies from the tree fund may be used to purchase trees required for replacement under the conditions of a Class I tree permit, but may not be used to purchase trees required for replacement under the conditions of a Class II tree permit. Tree funds may not be used to fulfill development requirements. Further, they may not be used in any manner that will profit the grantee.

The mayor is authorized to approve fund dispersal in an amount not to exceed $5,000. Dispersal of funds exceeding $5,000 shall have prior city council approval. (Ord. 2481 § 3, 2004)

3.102.050 Approval considerations and criteria.

In determining whether or not a tree fund grant application should be approved, the city shall consider the following criteria:

A. The necessity of the project.

B. The benefits to the city.

C. The project’s educational value.

D. An appropriate proposed time frame for completion of the project.

E. A clearly defined maintenance plan for projects involving planting.

F. The amount requested, and the amount and source of other funds. (Ord. 2481 § 3, 2004)

3.102.060 Interest and earnings.

The interest and earnings from the cumulative fund shall be paid into the fund. (Ord. 2481 § 3, 2004)