Chapter 3.36


3.36.010    Fund established.

3.36.020    Rental – Disposition of monies.

3.36.030    Administrator.

3.36.040    Monthly departmental charges – Transfers.

3.36.050    Transfer of equipment.

3.36.060    Rental rates.

3.36.010 Fund established.

There is created and established a special fund to be known and designated as the “equipment rental fund,” to be used as a revolving fund to be expended for salaries, wages and operations required for the repair, replacement, purchase and operation of motor vehicles equipment, and for the purchase of all equipment, materials and supplies to be used in the administration and operation of the fund. (Ord. 690 § 1, 1973; Ord. 224 § 1, 1964)

3.36.020 Rental – Disposition of monies.

Any such equipment may be rented for the use of the various offices and departments of the city or same may be rented by the city to other governmental agencies in accordance with the reciprocal equipment use agreement then in force with such agency. All proceeds or payments received from the sale or rental of any such property shall be placed into the equipment rental fund and all disbursements for purchases or payment of rentals for any such property shall likewise be made from monies available in the fund. (Ord. 690 § 2, 1973; Ord. 224 § 2, 1964)

3.36.030 Administrator.

The mayor, or whomever he designates, is designated to administer the operations of the equipment rental fund to determine the terms of any such rental or purchase and to compute the charges for rentals to be paid for the use of any such property by any department or office. (Ord. 224 § 3, 1964)

3.36.040 Monthly departmental charges – Transfers.

There shall be paid monthly into the equipment rental fund, out of monies available to the department using any equipment, reasonable rental charges fixed by the city council, and monies in the fund shall be retained therein from year-to-year as long as the city council desires to do so. (Ord. 690 § 3, 1973; Ord. 224 § 4, 1964)

3.36.050 Transfer of equipment.

The following equipment, as described in LMC 3.36.060, is transferred to the equipment rental fund; except that equipment from the sewer department shall be purchased by the equipment rental fund and be paid for as hereinafter described. The fair value of this sewer equipment as of December 31, 1964, is established at $6,390. (Ord. 224 § 5, 1964)

3.36.060 Rental rates.

The rental rates for equipment shall be established from time-to-time by passage of a resolution by the city council. Copies of the resolution shall be available at the city clerk’s office upon request. The rates stated in the resolution shall determine the rates until passage of a resolution revising or amending the current schedule. (Ord. 787 § 1, 1975)