Chapter 7.08


7.08.010    Mobile home defined.

7.08.020    Parking or occupying mobile home within city.

7.08.030    Temporary stopping or parking.

7.08.040    Conditions for permission to live in mobile home outside of park.

7.08.050    Health permit required.

7.08.060    Permanent additions and skirting.

7.08.070    Removal of wheels and stabilizers.

7.08.080    Penalty for violations.

7.08.090    Severability.

7.08.010 Mobile home defined.

“Mobile home” means a vehicle without motor power designated to be drawn by a motor vehicle and to be used for human habitation or for carrying persons and property, or for conducting a business, including a mobile home or trailer coach and any self-propelled vehicle having a body designated for or converted to the same uses as an automobile trailer without motor power. (Ord. 58 § 1, 1960)

7.08.020 Parking or occupying mobile home within city.

It shall be unlawful for any person to park or occupy any mobile home on any street, alley, or highway, or other public place, or any tract of land owned by any person, occupied or unoccupied, within the city of Lynnwood, except as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 58 § 2, 1960)

7.08.030 Temporary stopping or parking.

Emergency or temporary stopping or parking is permitted on any street, alley, or highway for not longer than 24 hours at one time subject to any other and further prohibitions, regulations or ordinances for that street, alley or highway. (Ord. 58 § 3, 1960)

7.08.040 Conditions for permission to live in mobile home outside of park.

No person shall park or occupy any mobile home on the premises of an occupied dwelling or on any lot which is not a part of the premises of an occupied dwelling either of which is situated outside of an approved mobile home park, except that:

A. The parking of only one unoccupied mobile home in an accessory private garage building, or in a rear yard in any district, is permitted provided no living quarters shall be maintained, or any business practiced in said mobile home while said home is so parked or stored;

B. The parking of any unoccupied mobile home in any lot devoted for the purpose of selling, renting, or otherwise disposing of mobile homes is permitted, provided said mobile home is not located less than 10 feet from another mobile home, building or structure;

C. A mobile home may be parked and occupied outside of a mobile home park on premises of any occupied dwelling for a period not to exceed 30 days’ continuous time; and when a residence is in process of being constructed, a trailer as defined herein may be located upon a site for the temporary use by the owner of such property as a residence for a period of six months, provided such trailer remains mobile and provided further that a permit is obtained from the building department to insure compliance with this code as to yards and to local health department requirements. In cases where substantial progress is shown on the construction of the residence and additional time is needed to complete the work, a permit may be renewed for one additional six-month period. Upon the expiration of the permit, the use of the trailer as a residence shall be discontinued. No more than one trailer may be occupied or stored on the premises at any time. The aforementioned special permission is subject to the provision that the person so desiring to park and occupy the said trailer shall first apply for and obtain from the city clerk, a permit so to do, which application shall give the location at which such mobile home is to be located, the state vehicle license number, if any, and a general description of the mobile home for which permission to locate is sought; provided further, that such occupancy shall at all times comply with all requirements of the plumbing, sanitary, health, electrical, and other applicable ordinances now or hereafter enacted by the city of Lynnwood. (Ord. 58 § 4, 1960)

7.08.050 Health permit required.

It shall be unlawful for any person to establish, operate, or maintain, or permit to be established, operated or maintained upon any property owned or controlled by him, a trailer court, or mobile home park, or any combination thereof, within the city unless such person shall have first obtained a permit from the health officer of the city of Lynnwood, subject to the rules and regulations established by said health officer. (Ord. 58 § 5, 1960)

7.08.060 Permanent additions and skirting.

No permanent additions of any kind shall be built onto, nor become a part of, any mobile home. Skirting of homes is permissible, but such skirting shall not attach home permanently to the ground, provide a harborage for rodents, nor create a fire hazard. (Ord. 58 § 5(a), 1960)

7.08.070 Removal of wheels and stabilizers.

The wheels of the mobile home shall not be removed, except temporarily when necessary for repairs. Jacks or stabilizers may be placed under the frame of the mobile home to prevent movement on the springs while the mobile home is parked and occupied. (Ord. 58 § 5(b), 1960)

7.08.080 Penalty for violations.

Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable by a fine of not to exceed $300.00 or by imprisonment in the city jail for not to exceed 90 days, or both such fine and imprisonment. Each separate day or portion thereof during which any violation of this chapter occurs or continues shall be deemed to constitute a separate offense, and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable as herein provided. (Ord. 58 § 6, 1960)

7.08.090 Severability.

If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase or portion of this chapter is for any reason held to be invalid or unconstitutional by the decision of any court of competent jurisdiction it shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this chapter. (Ord. 58 § 7, 1960)