Title 12


12.04    Utility Line Installation

12.08    Street and Address System

12.12    Public Sidewalks, Planting Strips and Transition Strips

12.14    Transportation Benefit District

12.16    Vacation of Streets and Alleys

12.18    Temporary Construction Offices for City Street Projects

12.20    Undergrounding of Overhead Electric Wires

12.22    Transportation Concurrency Management

*For provisions regarding taxi stands and loading zones, see LMC Title 5; for financing improvements, see LMC Title 3; for department of streets and public works, see Chapter 2.44 LMC; for improvements required before building permit to issue, see LMC Title 16; for use of streets and obstructing sidewalks during building construction, see LMC Title 16; for comprehensive plan, see LMC Title 18.