Chapter 13.16


13.16.010    Nonliability of city.

13.16.020    Waste or excessive use of water prohibited.

13.16.030    Emergency conditions.

13.16.010 Nonliability of city.

A. The utility will use all reasonable means to provide an adequate and continuous water service for all customers, but in case the water service is interrupted or reduced, for any cause, the city shall not be liable for any injuries or damages resulting therefrom, and the interruption or reduction in service shall not give rise to any cause of action as for a breach of agreement for service.

B. The city makes no commitment as to the volume of water available, pressure per square inch, or continuity of service, and will not be liable for injuries or damages due to insufficient volume, inadequate pressure or interruption of service. (Ord. 780 § 1, 1975; Ord. 416 § 4.01, 1968)

13.16.020 Waste or excessive use of water prohibited.

It shall be the duty of each customer to eliminate waste of water supply by repairing, or causing to be repaired, any defective or leaking pipes or plumbing fixtures. No person shall use more water for irrigation, culinary purposes, or other uses than is reasonably necessary. (Ord. 416 § 4.02, 1968)

13.16.030 Emergency conditions.

In case of shortage of water, the utility may give preference in furnishing water to customers, in order most effectively to safeguard the safety and health of the general public or to provide for the public convenience, may forbid, restrict, or regulate the use of water for irrigation, cooling, or other uses, may make the regulations effective throughout the city, the districts thereof, or may make the regulations effective as to particular classes of customers. Rationing may be imposed during any shortage of water, either in lieu of or in addition to other measures hereby authorized. (Ord. 780 § 1, 1975; Ord. 416 § 4.03, 1968)