Chapter 16.14


16.14.010    Policy.

16.14.020    Purpose.

16.14.030    Scope.

16.14.040    Excepted facilities.

16.14.050    Application to newly constructed streets.

16.14.060    Design standards.

16.14.070    Reserved.

16.14.080    Joint trench use.

*Variance procedure shall be reserved for future legislation.

16.14.010 Policy.

It shall be the city policy to require compliance with the following orderly program pertaining to requiring the underground installation of all new electrical and communication facilities, with certain exceptions noted hereinafter. The health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the community require that all such new facilities specified herein be installed underground. (Ord. 577 § 1(a), 1970)

16.14.020 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish minimum requirements and procedures for the underground installation of electric and communication facilities within the city. (Ord. 577 § 1(b), 1970)

16.14.030 Scope.

Subject to the excepted facilities listed in LMC 16.14.040, this chapter shall apply to all electric facilities and to all communication facilities, including but not limited to telephone, telegraph, and cable television facilities. (Ord. 577 § 1(c), 1970)

16.14.040 Excepted facilities.

This chapter shall not apply to the following facilities:

A. Electric utility substations, pad-mounted transformers and switching facilities not located on the public right-of-way where site-screening is, or will be, provided in accordance with LMC 16.14.060;

B. Electric transmission systems of a voltage of 100 kv or more (including poles and wires) and equivalent communication facilities where such facilities are not located upon, along, or over the publicly dedicated streets of the city, or within the rights-of-way thereof;

C. Ornamental street lighting standards;

D. Telephone pedestals and other equivalent communication facilities;

E. Police and fire sirens, or any similar municipal equipment, including traffic control equipment. (Ord. 577 § 1(d), 1970)

16.14.050 Application to newly constructed streets.

The requirements of this chapter shall apply on all newly constructed streets in all locations within the city, regardless of location or zoning. (Ord. 577 § 2, 1970)

16.14.060 Design standards.

A. All conductors, switches, transformers, and regulating devices shall be installed in accordance with the applicable national, state and local safety standards. All structural devices shall be designed in accordance with the provisions of the city building code.

B. All vaults, handholes, ventilation gratings, and access covers and conduit in public rights-of-way shall be strong enough to withstand 10,000 pounds of wheel load.

C. Any equipment excepted from these underground requirements or otherwise permitted to be installed aboveground shall be:

1. Placed within an enclosure or part of the building being served; or

2. Suitably screened with masonry or other decorative panels and/or evergreen trees, shrubs, and landscaping planted in sufficient depth to form an effective and actual sight barrier within five years. Where shrubbery is the primary screening element, minimum shrub height shall be seven feet (except for equipment not exceeding such height) for the bulk of the screen, with lower shrubs in the foreground to eliminate any gaps in screening.

The utility shall be responsible for the installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement of the aforementioned screening materials when the real property on which the aboveground facility is located is owned by the utility. When the aboveground facility is located on non-utility owned real property, the owner shall bear the expense of installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement of the screening materials outlined above.

D. Space frames and structural arrangements for holding equipment shall be designed to have an uncluttered and neat appearance.

E. Plans for all aboveground installations shall be submitted to the planning commission for approval of site-screening prior to the issuance of a permit by the building official. (Ord. 577 § 3, 1970)

16.14.070 Variance procedure.

Reserved. (Ord. 577 § 4, 1970)

16.14.080 Joint trench use.

Where several utilities are planned or required in the same corridor, every effort shall be made by the utilities to use joint trenches for such facilities. (Ord. 577 § 5, 1970)