Chapter 17.20


17.20.005    Authority and adoption by reference.

17.20.010    Purpose.

17.20.015    Applicability.

17.20.020    Relationship to other plans, codes and documents.

17.20.005 Authority and adoption by reference.

This chapter and that certain document known as “The City of Lynnwood Shoreline Master Program” are hereby adopted as the shoreline master program for the city of Lynnwood under authority of Chapter 90.58 RCW and Chapter 173-16 WAC as now or hereafter amended. (Ord. 2890 § 3, 2011)

17.20.010 Purpose.

The Washington Shoreline Management Act of 1971 recognizes that the shorelines of the state and of the city of Lynnwood are among the most valuable, scarce and fragile of our natural resources. It is the intent of the shoreline master program to manage the shoreline, giving preference to water-dependent and water-related uses, and to encourage development and other activities to coexist in harmony with natural conditions. Uses that result in long-term over short-term benefits are preferred, as are uses which promote sustainable development. (Ord. 2890 § 3, 2011)

17.20.015 Applicability.

A. General. Pursuant to RCW 35.21.160, the policies and regulations of the Lynnwood shoreline master program apply to all shorelines as defined in Chapter 90.58 RCW lying within the city of Lynnwood and to the waters and underlying tidelands of the Puget Sound extending to the limits of the city of Lynnwood. (Ord. 2890 § 3, 2011)

17.20.020 Relationship to other plans, codes and documents.

The shoreline master program has been developed as both a policy plan and a regulatory program.

A. The shoreline master program is a part of and is intended to be consistent with the city of Lynnwood comprehensive plan.

B. It is the intent of the city that those subsections of Section 4: “General Policies,” Section 5: “Specific Shoreline Uses,” Section 6: “Shoreline Modification,” entitled “Regulations,” and all of Section 7: “Administrative Regulations” shall be regulatory in nature and mandatory and that no use, development or activity is allowed unless it specifically complies with each applicable provision thereof.

C. The remainder of the shoreline master plan is intended to serve as the policy for shoreline uses, developments and activities, the basis of the regulatory sections, and to assist the city in determining whether to grant, modify or deny any proposed use, development or activity.

D. The definitions in the glossary (Appendix A) to the shoreline master plan shall apply in the shoreline master plan and this title unless from the context another meaning is clearly intended. The definitions in Chapter 90.58 RCW are hereby adopted by reference and also apply in this title. If there is a difference between the glossary and Chapter 90.58 RCW the more detailed definition shall apply unless such would lead to an inconsistency, in which case the definitions supplied by RCW 90.58 shall apply.

E. The uses, developments and activities regulated in this chapter may also be regulated by the Lynnwood zoning code, various other provisions of the Lynnwood Municipal Code and state and federal laws. All uses, developments and activities within the shoreline jurisdiction shall comply with all requirements of all applicable regulations. In the event of a conflict between regulations, the most restrictive regulation shall apply. (Ord. 2890 § 3, 2011)