Chapter 2.100


2.100.010    Commission established.

2.100.020    Qualifications of membership.

2.100.030    Appointment of members.

2.100.040    Terms and initial terms.

2.100.050    Removal from membership.

2.100.060    Membership vacancies.

2.100.070    Compensation.

2.100.080    Meetings – Officers – Quorum.

2.100.090    Duties and responsibilities.

2.100.100    Staff support.

2.100.010 Commission established.

An Economic Development Commission is hereby established for the purpose of making reasoned recommendations to the City Council on matters of economic development within Maple Valley. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).

2.100.020 Qualifications of membership.

The Commission shall consist of nine voting members. The nine members shall each represent, and have subject matter expertise, in one of the following industry segments:

A. Chamber of Commerce representative.

B. Commercial real estate developer.

C. Local business owner.

D. Higher education institution.

E. Workforce development agency, small business development center (SBDC), human resources, or staffing agency.

F. Financial institution (bank or credit union).

G. Local school district representative.

H. Public utility.

I. Tourism attraction/event/event venue. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).

2.100.030 Appointment of members.

Members shall be sought by public notice in the City’s official newspaper and by other reasonable methods as appropriate. All candidates for membership shall be interviewed by the City Council at a special meeting immediately prior to a regular business meeting. With the concurrence of the City Council, members shall be appointed by the Mayor. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).

2.100.040 Terms and initial terms.

Commission members shall serve three-year terms. Terms shall expire on December 31st, and each successive term shall begin January 1st. In order to create a system of staggered terms, four of the initial appointees shall serve until December 31, 2019, and five of the initial appointees shall serve until December 31, 2020. Thereafter, as terms expire, all Commission members shall serve three years. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).

2.100.050 Removal from membership.

Commission members shall be removed by the Mayor, with the concurrence of the City Council, for negligence of duty, malfeasance in office, or for unexcused absences from more than three consecutive regular meetings of the Commission. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).

2.100.060 Membership vacancies.

Vacancies that occur in any way other than through expiration of terms shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term in the same manner as provided in MVMC 2.100.030, Appointment of members. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).

2.100.070 Compensation.

The members of the Commission serve without pay, but may be reimbursed for the expenses incurred while participating in Commission functions, if funds are available. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).

2.100.080 Meetings – Officers – Quorum.

All meetings of the Commission shall be open to the public and shall be governed by rules and operating procedures as established by the Commission. Members of the Commission shall meet and organize by electing from the members of the Commission a chairman and a vice-chairman, and such other officers as may be determined by the Commission. It shall be the duty of the chairman to preside at all meetings. The vice-chairman shall perform this duty in the absence of the chairman. A majority of the Commission’s voting members, five members, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The Commission shall set its own meeting dates and shall give notice of such meeting in compliance with the Open Public Meeting Act of the State of Washington, as it now exists and as it may be amended from time to time. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).

2.100.090 Duties and responsibilities.

A. The Commission is empowered to advise and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council, and as appropriate to other boards or commissions of the City, on such matters as may be specifically referred to the Commission by the Mayor or City Council, or on matters independently generated by the Commission, related to:

1. Strategies, programs or activities intended to generate economic development and consequently increase jobs and municipal revenue.

B. The Commission shall deliver an annual report to the City Council in written and oral form during the first quarter of every year and, when appropriate, during other times as directed by the Mayor or Council. The Commission is encouraged to provide informal reports and/or recommendations to the Mayor and City Council at any time during the year.

C. The Commission is encouraged to work in conjunction with other boards and commissions on proposals, recommendations, projects or activities of mutual interest, or as otherwise directed by City Council. Similarly, the Commission is encouraged to collaborate and cooperate with other organizations, agencies or entities engaged in economic development in Maple Valley. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).

2.100.100 Staff support.

The Economic Development Manager, and other staff members designated by the Manager, shall be the staff liaison to the Commission. (Ord. O-19-673 § 1; Ord. O-17-627 § 2).