Chapter 4.10


4.10.010    Purpose.

4.10.010 Purpose.

A. The purpose of this title is to provide a uniform civil method of enforcing the City of Maple Valley’s regulatory ordinances in a timely fashion. A further purpose of this title is to identify processes and methods to encourage compliance with City laws and regulations that the City has adopted pursuant to Article XI, Section 11 of the Washington Constitution and other State laws to promote and protect the general public health, safety and environment of City residents. This title declares certain acts to be civil violations and establishes nonpenal enforcement procedures and civil penalties. This title also declares certain acts to be misdemeanors.

B. It is the intention of the City to pursue code compliance actively and vigorously in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public. This City intention is to be pursued in a way that is consistent with adherence to, and respectful of, fundamental constitutional principles.

C. While this title does authorize the City to take action to enforce City laws and regulations, it shall not be construed as placing responsibility for code compliance or enforcement upon the City in any particular case, or as creating any duty on the part of the City to any particular person or class of persons. (Ord. O-13-534 § 2).