Chapter 4.60


4.60.010    Authorized.

4.60.020    Effect.

4.60.030    Remedy – Civil penalties.

4.60.010 Authorized.

A Director is authorized to issue a stop work order to a person responsible for code compliance. Issuance of a citation or a notice and order is not a condition precedent to the issuance of the stop work order. (Ord. O-13-534 § 7).

4.60.020 Effect.

A. A stop work order represents a determination that a civil code violation has occurred and that any work or activity that is causing or contributing to the violation on the property where the violation has occurred or is occurring must cease.

B. A stop work order requires the immediate cessation of the specified work or activity on the named property. Work or activity may not resume unless specifically authorized by the Director issuing the stop work order.

C. A stop work order may be appealed according to the procedures prescribed by Chapter 4.80 MVMC.

D. Failure to appeal the stop work order within the applicable time limits renders the stop work order a final determination that the civil code violation occurred and that work was properly ordered to cease.

E. Failure to comply with the terms of a stop work order subjects the person responsible for code compliance to civil penalties and costs. (Ord. O-13-534 § 7).

4.60.030 Remedy – Civil penalties.

A. In addition to any other judicial or administrative remedy, a Director may assess civil penalties for the violation of any stop work order according to the civil penalty schedule established in Chapter 4.70 MVMC.

B. Civil penalties for the violation of any stop work order shall begin to accrue on the first day the stop work order is violated and shall cease on the day the work is actually stopped.

C. Violation of a stop work order shall be a separate violation from any other civil code violation. Civil penalties assessed create a joint and several personal obligation in all persons responsible for code compliance. The City Attorney may collect the civil penalties assessed by any appropriate legal means.

D. Civil penalties assessed also authorize the City to take a lien for the value of civil penalties imposed against the real property of the person responsible for code compliance. (Ord. O-13-534 § 7).