Chapter 4.90


4.90.010    Filing and contents.

4.90.020    Lien – Supplemental.

4.90.030    Lien – Limitation of action – Duration.

4.90.010 Filing and contents.

A. Within 90 days from the date any civil penalty, civil fine, abatement cost, or enforcement cost is due pursuant to this title, a Director may record a lien against the property of a person responsible for code compliance for the amount owing with the King County Records and Licensing Services Division, or its successor agency.

B. The lien shall contain the following information:

1. The City ordinance or code provision violated;

2. A brief description of the violation and its duration at the date of recording;

3. A brief description of the abatement work done, if any, and who performed the abatement work;

4. The owner of the property, if known, or a statement that the owner is not known;

5. A legal description of the property;

6. The amount of penalties, fines or costs that are owing; and

7. A sworn statement signed by a Director that the Director believes the claim is legally due and owing. (Ord. O-13-534 § 10).

4.90.020 Lien – Supplemental.

A Director may record supplemental liens with the Records and Licensing Services Division, or its successor agency, to update information regarding penalties, fines, costs or fees contained in any existing lien. (Ord. O-13-534 § 10).

4.90.030 Lien – Limitation of action – Duration.

A. No lien created by this title binds the property subject to the lien for a period longer than 10 years after the lien claim has been recorded, unless an action to enforce that lien is commenced in the proper court within 10 years after the recording.

B. When all penalties or abatement costs, or both, assessed against the property owner have been paid, the Director shall expeditiously record a satisfaction of lien with the Records and Licensing Services Division, or its successor agency. The satisfaction shall include a legal description of the property where the violation occurred. (Ord. O-13-534 § 10).