Chapter 7.15


7.15.010    Lake Wilderness Park fee policy.

7.15.020    Authority to set fees.

7.15.030    Fee review and modification.

7.15.010 Lake Wilderness Park fee policy.

Rental fees shall be established per the following fee formula:

A. Fully subsidized “no-fee” rentals that have a broad community benefit to a large portion of the population such as Maple Valley Days, 4th of July Family Picnic and Celebration in the Park, Greater Maple Valley Community Center Easter Egg Hunt and the Tahoma Relays;

B. Partially subsidized, producing recreation program revenue, “partial-fee” rentals for classes and programs that have individual benefit to a small portion of the population such as Pee-Wee Soccer, T-Ball and Tennis Lessons;

C. Non-subsidized “full-fee” rentals that have an individual benefit to a small portion of the population such as triathlons, company picnics, family reunions and individual rentals of the shelters and field. (Ord. O-11-483 § 1; Ord. O-10-429 § 1 (Exh. 1); Ord. O-09-402 § 2 (Exh. 2); Ord. O-08-375 § 2 (Exh. 2); Ord. O-07-352 § 2).

7.15.020 Authority to set fees.

The City Council hereby authorizes the Parks and Recreation Director to establish fees for Lake Wilderness Park as outlined in the fee formula in MVMC 7.15.010. (Ord. O-11-483 § 1).

7.15.030 Fee review and modification.

City staff shall periodically review operational costs and recommend to the City Council appropriate amendments to the fee policy for reserved use of Lake Wilderness Park. (Ord. O-11-483 § 1).