Chapter 7.06


7.06.010    Purpose.

7.06.020    Definitions.

7.06.030    Snohomish County comprehensive solid waste management plan adopted.

7.06.040    Disposal of solid waste.

7.06.050    Unlawful disposal of solid waste.

7.06.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a comprehensive solid waste management plan for the city which is consistent with, and a part of, the Snohomish County comprehensive solid waste management plan, as required by Chapter 70.95 RCW. The goals and objectives of the plan are to reduce the generation of solid waste, to encourage recycling, and to dispose of solid waste in a manner which prevents land, air and water pollution and conserves the natural and economic resources of the city and the region. (Ord. 1768 § 1, 1990).

7.06.020 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following definitions apply:

(1) “Comprehensive solid waste management plan” or “comprehensive plan” means the Snohomish County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan, including a recycling element, as adopted by Snohomish County in 1990, and as amended from time to time.

(2) “County” means Snohomish County, Washington.

(3) “Interlocal agreement” means the Interlocal Agreement Regarding Solid Waste Management executed by the county and the city in 1990, including any duly approved amendments or revisions thereto.

(4) “Person” means an individual, firm, association, partnership, political subdivision, government agency, municipality, industry, public or private corporation, or any other entity whatsoever.

(5) “Solid waste” or “waste” means solid waste as defined by RCW 70.95.030(16) and WAC 173-304-100(73) with the exception of wastes excluded by WAC 173-304-015.

(6) “Solid waste handling” means all activities defined in RCW 70.95.030(17).

(7) “System” means all facilities for solid waste handling owned or operated, or contracted for, by the county, and all administrative activities related thereto; provided, that the same shall be consistent with the comprehensive plan. (Ord. 1768 § 1, 1990).

7.06.030 Snohomish County comprehensive solid waste management plan adopted.

The Snohomish County comprehensive solid waste management plan, as approved in 1990 and as the same may hereafter be amended, is hereby adopted by reference as the comprehensive solid waste management plan for the city. (Ord. 1768 § 1, 1990).

7.06.040 Disposal of solid waste.

(1) All solid waste generated within the corporate limits of the city shall be disposed of through the system, as provided for in the comprehensive plan, except as otherwise provided in subsection (4) of this section.

(2) Snohomish County is authorized to designate disposal sites for the disposal of all solid waste which is generated within the city, subject to the applicable laws and regulations of the Snohomish health district and of any city in which said disposal sites are located.

(3) No solid waste may be diverted from the designated disposal sites without county approval, or as provided in the comprehensive plan.

(4) The provisions of this section shall not apply:

(a) To the disposal of solid waste through the waste recycling element of the comprehensive plan or any waste reduction or recycling plan approved by the county;

(b) To the disposal of hazardous wastes or substances where disposal into the system is prohibited or where other provisions pursuant to state or federal law are made for the handling of such wastes or substances;

(c) Where disposal is otherwise provided for under state or federal law. (Ord. 1768 § 1, 1990).

7.06.050 Unlawful disposal of solid waste.

(1) It is unlawful for any person to dispose of any solid waste generated in the city and subject to this chapter unless such person complies with the provisions of RCW 70.95.240, 70.95.500 and 70.95.610, which are hereby adopted by this reference.

(2) Any violations of RCW 70.95.240, 70.95.500 or 70.95.610 shall be a misdemeanor, and any person found guilty thereof shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $1,000 or imprisonment in jail not to exceed 90 days or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 1768 § 1, 1990).