Chapter 12.36


12.36.010    Obstructing right-of-way visibility – Public nuisance – Penalty.

12.36.010 Obstructing right-of-way visibility – Public nuisance – Penalty.

All vegetation which is permitted to grow within 20 feet of the right-of-way line of any public street or alley within the city of Marysville is a public nuisance if it is determined by the chief of police to be a safety hazard because it obstructs visibility on the traveled portion of the right-of-way, or because it obstructs visibility of traffic-control signs located thereon. Any person or corporation who violates this section shall be deemed to have maintained a public nuisance pursuant to Chapter 6.24 MMC; and any person or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be punished as set forth in MMC 4.02.040. (Ord. 2951 § 10, 2014; Ord. 999 § 1, 1978).