Title 14


14.01    General Provisions

14.03    Rules for Construction, Installation and Connection

14.05    Rules for Customers – Payment and Collection of Accounts

14.07    Fees, Charges and Reimbursements

14.08    Water Shortage Emergency

14.09    Water and Sewer Conservation Measures

14.10    Water Supply Cross-Connections

14.15    Controlling Stormwater Runoff from New Development, Redevelopment, and Construction Sites

14.16    Operation and Maintenance of Public Storm Drainage Systems

14.17    Operation and Maintenance of Private Storm Drainage Systems

14.18    Regional Stormwater Drainage

14.19    Surface Water Utility

14.20    Wastewater Pretreatment

14.21    Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE)

14.32    Utility Service Planning Area


For provisions regarding the plumbing code, see Chapter 16.08 MMC; for statutory provisions regarding municipal water and sewer facilities act generally, see Chapter 35.91 RCW.