Chapter 22C.290


22C.290.010    Purpose.

22C.290.020    Applicability.

22C.290.030    Preapplication and application.

22C.290.040    General requirements for all supportive housing facilities.

22C.290.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to:

(1) Establish reasonable standards to allow and establish a review process for the location, siting and operation of emergency housing and shelters as defined in MMC 22A.020.060; and

(2) Protect public health and safety of the residents and broader community by requiring safe operation of the facilities. (Ord. 3205 § 9, 2022).

22C.290.020 Applicability.

(1) The standards in this chapter apply to emergency housing and emergency shelters, as defined in MMC 22A.020.060.

(2) This chapter does not include regulations for temporary transitory accommodations, transitional housing or permanent supportive housing. (Ord. 3205 § 9, 2022).

22C.290.030 Preapplication and application.

(1) At least 15 days prior to filing an application with the city to establish an emergency housing or emergency shelter facility, the owner and/or sponsor shall mail written notice to owners within 600 feet of the boundaries of the proposed site and to the community development director of their intention to establish the facility. The notice shall list the name and contact information for the owner and/or sponsor, if any, in order to provide neighboring property owners the opportunity to contact them with questions, and include a description of the proposed facility, its location, and proposed number of residents. The owner or sponsor shall address questions or concerns from neighboring property owners, to the extent possible, in the operations/management plan required by MMC 22C.290.040(5). When the formal application for the supportive housing facility is received, notice of application shall be provided in accordance with MMC 22G.010.090.

(2) Permit applications for an emergency housing or emergency shelter facility must be made on forms prescribed by the city. (Ord. 3205 § 9, 2022).

22C.290.040 General requirements for all supportive housing facilities.

(1) Emergency housing and emergency shelter facilities shall comply with MMC Title 16, Building.

(2) If provided, exterior lighting must be directed downward and glare must be contained within the facility site to limit the impact on neighboring properties. Additional lighting may be provided if requested by neighboring properties.

(3) The sponsor and/or property owner shall ensure compliance with Washington State laws and regulations, the Marysville Municipal Code (MMC), and Snohomish health district regulations.

(4) Parking requirements shall be in accordance with Chapter 22C.130 MMC, Parking and Loading. No on-street parking shall be allowed.

(5) An operations plan must be provided by the sponsor and/or property owner at the time of application that addresses the following elements to the satisfaction of the city:

(a) Name and contact information for key staff;

(b) Roles and responsibilities of key staff;

(c) Site/facility management, including a security and emergency plan;

(d) Site/facility maintenance;

(e) Occupancy policies, including resident responsibilities and a code of conduct that address, at a minimum, the use or sale of alcohol and illegal drugs, threatening or unsafe behavior, and weapon possession;

(f) Provision of human and social services, including staffing plan and outcome measures;

(g) Outreach with surrounding property owners and residents and ongoing good neighbor policy; and

(h) Procedures for maintaining accurate and complete records;

(i) Additional information as requested by the community development director to ensure current best practices for emergency housing and indoor emergency shelters are used.

(6) A description of transit, pedestrian, and bicycle access from the subject site to services must be provided at time of application by the sponsor and/or the property owner.

(7) On-site supervision must be provided at all times, unless it can be demonstrated through the operations plan that this level of supervision is not warranted for the population being housed. Details related to on-site supervision, such as the persons/positions identified for on-site supervision and shift schedule, are required.

(8) Sponsors and/or owners shall either:

(a) Demonstrate experience providing similar services to people experiencing homelessness; or

(b) Provide certifications or academic credentials in an applicable human service field;

(c) Should a sponsor and/or managing agency not have any of the preceding qualifications, additional reasonable measures may be required to minimize risk to both residents of the supportive housing facility and the broader community.

(9) Sponsors and/or owner shall demonstrate a stable funding source for the facility and any on-site or off-site human and social services offered as part of the operations plan.

(10) The sponsor and/or managing agency shall designate points of contact and provide contact information (24-hour accessible phone contact) to the Marysville police department (MPD).

(11) Facilities shall not be located closer than 600 feet to an elementary school, middle school, or high school. For the purposes of this subsection, distance shall be measured in a straight line between the closest property line of the existing school and the closest property line of the proposed facility.

(12) In residential zones, no more than one adult bed per 200 square feet of floor area is allowed per facility.

(13) Residents shall have access to the following services on site; if not provided on site, transportation shall be provided to each service:

(a) For all facilities, medical services, including mental and behavioral health counseling.

(b) For emergency housing facilities, access to resources on obtaining permanent housing and access to employment and education assistance.

(c) For emergency shelter facilities, substance abuse assistance.

(14) In residential zones, social services for people experiencing homelessness must be provided off site. Direct intake of residents at the site is not allowed, unless approved by the city with additional details provided in the operations plan.

(15) Trash receptacles must be provided in multiple locations throughout the facility and site. A regular trash patrol in the immediate vicinity of the site must be provided.

(16) All functions associated with the facility, including adequate waiting space, must take place within a building or on the site proposed to house the facility.

(17) The number of toilets and other hygiene facilities required for each facility will be determined by the community development director on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Snohomish health district after a review of factors such as the potential number and composition of residents.

(18) Facilities serving more than five residents shall have dedicated space for residents to meet with service providers.

(19) Residents and staff must comply with all Snohomish health district requirements related to food donations.

(20) No children under the age of 18 are allowed to stay overnight in the facility, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, or unless the facility is licensed to provide services to this population. If a child under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian present attempts to stay in a facility not specifically licensed for providing housing to youth, the sponsor and/or managing agency shall immediately contact Child Protective Services and actively endeavor to find alternative housing for the child.

(21) For health and safety reasons, the sponsor and/or managing agency shall perform background checks and obtain verifiable identification information, including full name and date of birth, from current and prospective residents, and shall keep a log containing this information.

(22) Level 1 sex offenders may be permitted in the facility, following the registration requirements. Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders are prohibited from the facility. Should the sponsor and/or managing agency become aware of a current or prospective facility resident who is an unregistered sex offender, it shall immediately contact the Marysville police department. The sponsor and/or managing agency shall provide notice to prospective residents that the sponsor and/or managing agency will report any current or prospective resident who is an unregistered sex offender to the Marysville police department.

(23) The sponsor or managing agency shall coordinate with the homelessness service providers for referrals to their program and with other providers of facilities and services for people experiencing homelessness to encourage access to all appropriate services for their residents. (Ord. 3205 § 9, 2022).