The statutory references listed below refer the code user to state statutes applicable to Washington cities and towns. They are up to date through July, 2016.

General Provisions


Wash. Const. Art. XI § 10 and RCW ch. 35.02

Classification of municipalities

RCW chs. 35.01 and 35.06


RCW ch. 35.13

First class cities

RCW ch. 35.22

Second class cities

RCW ch. 35.23


RCW ch. 35.27

Unclassified cities

RCW ch. 35.30

Miscellaneous provisions applicable to all cities and towns

RCW ch. 35.21

Adoption of codes by reference

RCW 35.21.180

Codification of ordinances

RCW 35.21.500 et seq.

Penalties for ordinance violations in first class cities

RCW 35.22.280(35); 35.21.163 and 35.21.165

Penalties for ordinance violations in second class cities

RCW 35.23.440(29); 35.21.163 and 35.21.165

Penalties for ordinance violations in towns

RCW 35.27.370(14); 35.21.163 and 35.21.165

Civil infractions

RCW ch. 7.80


RCW title 29A

Campaign finances and disclosure

RCW ch. 42.17

Official newspaper

RCW 35.21.875

Administration and Personnel

Commission form of government

RCW ch. 35.17

Council-manager plan

RCW ch. 35.18

City council in second class cities

RCW 35.23.181 et seq.

Town council

RCW 35.27.270 et seq.

Officers in second-class cities

RCW 35.23.021 et seq.

Officers in towns

RCW 35.27.070 et seq.

Local government whistleblower protection

RCW ch. 42.41

Code of ethics for officers

RCW ch. 42.23

Open Public Meeting Act of 1971

RCW ch. 42.30

Municipal courts

RCW chs. 3.46, 3.50, 35.20

Planning commissions

RCW ch. 35.63

Hearing examiner system for zoning amendments

RCW 35A.63.170

Emergency management

RCW ch. 38.52

Revenue and Finance


RCW chs. 35.32A, 35.33, 35.34


RCW chs. 35.36, 35.37, 35.41


RCW ch. 35.38

Investment of funds

RCW ch. 35.39

Accident claims and funds

RCW ch. 35.31

Validation and funding of debts

RCW ch. 35.40

Local improvements

RCW chs. 35.4335.56

Retail sales and use taxes

RCW ch. 82.14

Leasehold excise tax

RCW ch. 82.29A

Real estate excise tax

RCW ch. 82.46

Tax on admissions

RCW 35.21.280

Property tax in first class cities

RCW 35.22.280(2)

Property tax in second class cities

RCW 35.23.440(46)

Property tax in towns

RCW 35.27.370(8)

Lodging tax

RCW 67.28.180 et seq.

Gambling taxes

RCW 9.46.110 et seq.

Marijuana excise tax

RCW ch. 69.50

State preemption of certain tax fields

RCW 82.02.020

Business Licenses and Regulations

First class city licenses

RCW 35.22.280(32) and (33)

Second class city licenses

RCW 35.23.440(2)—(8)

Town licenses

RCW 35.27.370(9)

Municipal business and occupation tax

RCW ch. 35.102

Uniform license fee or tax rate

RCW 35.21.710 and 35.21.711

License fees or taxes on telephone businesses

RCW 35.21.71235.21.715

Ambulance business taxes

RCW 35.21.768

Freight carrier taxes

RCW 35.21.84035.21.850


RCW chs. 9.46, 9.47


RCW 66.08.120 and 66.44.010


RCW 35.21.690


RCW 66.28.080

Cable television

RCW ch. 35.99

Massage practitioners

RCW 35.21.692

Newspaper carriers

RCW 35.21.696


Power of second class cities to regulate

RCW 35.23.440(11)

Power of towns to regulate

RCW 35.27.370(7)

Cruelty to animals

RCW ch. 16.52

Dangerous dogs

RCW 16.08.070 et seq.

Health and Safety


RCW Title 70

Local health boards and officers

RCW ch. 70.05

Garbage collection and disposal

RCW 35.21.120 et seq. and RCW ch. 35.67

Litter control

RCW ch. 70.93


RCW ch. 70.77

Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Crimes and punishments

RCW Title 9

Washington Criminal Code

RCW Title 9A

Drunkenness and alcoholism

RCW 70.96A.190


RCW ch. 49.60

Juvenile curfew

RCW 35.21.635

Vehicles and Traffic

Motor vehicles

RCW title 46

Model traffic ordinance

RCW ch. 46.90

Penalties for driving while intoxicated

RCW 35.21.165

Accident reports

RCW ch. 46.52

Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

Local improvements

RCW chs. 35.4335.56

Metropolitan park districts

RCW ch. 35.61

Street construction and maintenance

RCW chs. 35.7235.79

Sidewalk construction

RCW chs. 35.6835.70

Public Services

Municipal utilities

RCW ch. 35.92

Municipal Water and Sewer Facilities Act

RCW ch. 35.91

Sewer systems

RCW ch. 35.67

Water or sewer districts, assumption of jurisdiction

RCW ch. 35.13A

Buildings and Construction

State building code

RCW ch. 19.27

Unfit dwellings, buildings and structures

RCW ch. 35.80

Energy-related building standards

RCW ch. 19.27A

Electrician and electrical construction

RCW ch. 19.28

Electrical construction

RCW ch. 19.29

Development impact fees

RCW 82.02.050 et seq.


Subdivisions generally

RCW ch. 58.17

Short plats and short subdivisions

RCW 58.17.060 et seq.

Hearing examiner system for plat approval

RCW 58.17.330



RCW 35.63.080 et seq.

Hearing examiner system for zoning applications

RCW 35.63.130

Growth management

RCW ch. 36.70A

Judicial review of land use decisions

RCW ch. 36.70C