Chapter 9.06


9.06.010    Assault.

9.06.020    Assault and battery.

9.06.030    Provoking assault.

9.06.040    Fighting (unauthorized physical contact).

9.06.010 Assault.

A. A person is guilty of assault if he/she:

1. Intentionally places or attempts to place another person in fear or apprehension of bodily harm by any act, word or threat; or

2. Attempts by force or violence to cause bodily harm to another person.

B. Assault is a gross misdemeanor. (Ord. A-91 § 1, 1991).

9.06.020 Assault and battery.

A. A person is guilty of assault and battery if he/she intentionally causes bodily harm by unlawfully touching, striking, beating or wounding another person.

B. Assault and battery is a gross misdemeanor. (Ord. A-91 § 1, 1991).

9.06.030 Provoking assault.

Every person who, by word, sign or gesture, willfully provokes, or attempts to provoke another person to commit an assault, assault and battery, or breach of the peace, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. A-91 § 1, 1991).

9.06.040 Fighting (unauthorized physical contact).

No person shall intentionally engage in an unauthorized physical conflict with another. For the purposes of this section the terms “unauthorized physical contact” shall mean to intentionally engage in fisticuffs where such conduct does not constitute an assault and battery as defined by MICC 9.06.020. A violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor. (Ord. A-91 § 1, 1991).