I.    Introduction

II.    Vision Statement

III.    Citizen Participation

Land Use Element

I.    Introduction

II.    Existing Conditions & Trends

III.    Growth Forecast

IV.    Land Use Issues

V.    Land Use Policies

VI.    Action Plan

Housing Element

I.    Introduction

II.    Accommodating Growth

III.    Neighborhood Quality

IV.    Housing Supply

V.    Housing Options

VI.    Implementation/Tracking

Transportation Element

I.    Introduction

II.    Transportation Goals & Policies

III.    Transportation System – Existing Conditions

IV.    Transportation System – Future Needs

V.    Financial Analysis

VI.    Implementation Strategies

VII.    Consistency with Other Plans & Requirements

Utilities Element

I.    Introduction

II.    Water Utility

III.    Sewer Utility

IV.    Stormwater

V.    Solid Waste

VI.    Electricity

VII.    Natural Gas

VIII.    Telecommunications

Capital Facilities

I.    Introduction

II.    Capital Facilities Inventor

III.    Level of Service & Forecast of Future Needs

IV.    Capital Facilities Financing

V.    Capital Facilities Goals & Policies

VI.    Capital Facilities Financial Forecast

VII.    Process for Siting Public Facilities

Shoreline Master Program Policies

I.    Introduction

II.    Designated Environments

III.    General Goals and Policies

IV.    Shoreline Modifications

V.    Specific Shoreline Uses and Activities


Appendix    A – Commute Trip Reduction Program

Appendix    B – (Repealed by Ord. 17-23)

Appendix    C – Mercer Island School District’s Capital Facilities Plan


City Council

Bruce Bassett, Mayor

Debbie Bertlin, Deputy Mayor

Jane Brahm (former)

Mike Cero (former)

Dan Grausz

Terry Pottmeyer (former)

Jeff Sanderson

Joel Wachs (former)

Wendy Weiker

David Wisenteiner

Benson Wong

Planning Commission

Bryan Cairns

Tiffin Goodman

Jon Friedman (former)

Steve Marshall (former)

David McCann (former)

Jennifer Mechem

Craig Olson (former)

Suzanne Skone

Richard Weinmann

Design Commission

(Town Center Policies)

Colin Brandt

Richard Erwin

Susanne Foster

Daniel Hubbell (former)

Lara Sanderson

Tami Szerlip

Hui Tian

Staff Contributors

Steve Lancaster, Interim City Manager

Noel Treat, City Manager (former)

Kari Sand, City Attorney

Katie Knight, City Attorney (former)

Scott Greenberg, AICP, Development Services Director

Alison Van Gorp, Administrative Services Manager/Ombudsman

Evan Maxim, Planning Manager

Shana Restall, AICP, Principal Planner (former)

George Steirer, Principal Planner (former)

Travis Saunders, Senior Planner (former)

Lindsay Brown, Planner (former)