Chapter 1.04


1.04.010  Service of process.

1.04.010 Service of process.

A. Valid service of summons and other legal process upon the city of Mill Creek shall be effected by personally serving a true and correct copy of the summons and other legal process upon the city clerk at the city’s business office, 15728 Mill Creek Boulevard, Mill Creek, Washington, during the hours of the day that said business office is open for public business. In the event that the city clerk cannot be so served, then service may be to the city manager. No other service shall be valid.

B. A city official or employee may accept service of a summons and/or complaint or other legal process if they are specifically named in the lawsuit, but such service shall not constitute compliance with subsection A of this section. Every city official or employee served in accordance with this subjection shall immediately deliver a copy of such process to the city clerk.

C. Upon accepting or receiving service of summons and other legal process, the city clerk shall make appropriate copies for distribution and shall promptly deliver the original document to the city attorney’s office with a statement identifying the name or caption of each document received, the date and time of receipt, the name of the recipient, and a statement of whether such document(s) have been forwarded to the Washington Cities Insurance Authority and the city manager. (Ord. 2003-562 § 1)