Chapter 1.20


1.20.010  Review of final action.

Legislative history: Ord. 9.

1.20.010 Review of final action.

Any final decision or other final action for which no other direct appeal is specifically provided in this code, and for which all other appeals specifically authorized have been timely exhausted, shall be reviewable for unlawful, arbitrary, capricious or corrupt action or notation by writ of review before the superior court of Snohomish County. The action may be brought by any person who deems himself or herself aggrieved thereby; provided, that unless otherwise provided by state statute, any application for a writ of review shall be made to the court within 14 days (21 days for subdivisions) from any final decision or other final action so to be reviewed. The cost of transcription of all records ordered certified by the court for such review shall be borne by the appellant.