Chapter 3.02


3.02.010  Purpose.

3.02.020  Duties of the director of finance.

3.02.030  Payment of claims and other obligations.

3.02.040  Biennial budget authorization.

3.02.050  Biennial budget process.

3.02.060  Mid-biennial review and modification process.

Legislative history: Ords. 96-385, 96-386, 97-425 and 99-466.

3.02.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the general financial management of the city.

3.02.020 Duties of the director of finance.

Under the supervision of the city manager, the director of finance shall implement this chapter as necessary or advisable and shall manage the financial affairs of the city.

3.02.030 Payment of claims and other obligations.

A. All claims and other obligations of the city which are payable out of solvent funds shall be paid by check; provided, that when the applicable fund is not solvent at the time payment is ordered, a warrant shall be issued. The public depository upon which such checks shall be drawn shall be the banking institution then under contract with the city to provide primary banking services. The director of finance and the city manager, and such other city officers or employees as specifically designated in writing by the city manager, shall be the only officers or employees of the city authorized to sign checks.

B. Whenever in this title reference is made to "warrants," such term shall include checks where authorized by this section.

C. The director of finance may issue checks in payment of claims before the city council has acted to approve such claims, providing that the conditions set out in RCW 42.24.180 have been met.

3.02.040 Biennial budget authorization.

The city of Mill Creek hereby adopts Chapter 35A.34 RCW, as now or hereafter amended, authorizing and prescribing a fiscal biennium budget process.

3.02.050 Biennial budget process.

Commencing in 1996 and thereafter as required by law, and in accordance with this chapter, the city manager shall prepare and submit a biennial budget to the city council for adoption.

3.02.060 Mid-biennial review and modification process.

A. Mid-biennial review and budget modification (if appropriate) shall take place no sooner than eight months after the start nor later than the conclusion of the first year of the fiscal biennium.

B. The city manager shall prepare and distribute the proposed budget modification in the following manner:

1. By November 1st of the first year of the biennium, the city manager shall prepare the proposed budget modification, distribute the proposed modification to the city council, and make it available for public review.

2. The city council shall schedule at least one public hearing on the proposed modification and provide at least 10 days’ prior notice by publication.

3. The city council shall adopt the modification as it deems appropriate not later than December 31st of the first year of the biennium.

C. Any budget modification shall be by ordinance, and a complete copy shall be transmitted to the State Auditor and to the Association of Washington Cities.