Chapter 3.12


3.12.010    Fund created.

3.12.020    Establishment of fund.

3.12.030    Custodian and operation of petty cash accounts.

3.12.040    Custodian and operation of revolving account.

3.12.050    Fund not for personal advances.

3.12.060    Termination of fund.

Legislative history: Ords. 83-20, 89-193, 89-209, 94-322, 98-435, 98-443 and 2000-485.

3.12.010 Fund created.

There is created and established a special fund to be entitled a “petty cash and change revolving fund” for the purpose of paying for purchases of small items, supplies and other expenses of a minor nature incurred for the city in connection with official business of the city, and for making change for cash payments received by the city. (Ord. 2009-703 § 1)

3.12.020 Establishment of fund.

The city treasurer is authorized to have a petty cash and change revolving fund in conformance with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 2009-703 § 1)

3.12.030 Custodian and operation of petty cash accounts.

The custodian of the petty cash accounts shall be someone independent of invoice processing, check signing, general accounting and cash receipt functions. Each disbursement from the fund shall be supported by a receipt showing the date, recipient, purpose and amount of each cash disbursement. The general petty cash account will consist of $300.00. Replenishment of the petty cash accounts shall be made as necessary, and reimbursement vouchers shall have receipts attached thereto. Individual reimbursements shall be limited to a maximum of $30.00 except for the licensing of city vehicles. The custodian shall maintain suitable records showing the expenditures incurred and the departments chargeable for such expenditures. (Ord. 2009-703 § 1; Ord. 2002-543 § 1)

3.12.040 Custodian and operation of revolving account.

The custodian of the change revolving account shall be the city treasurer. The amount set aside in the change revolving account will be $2,500 and shall be used only for the purpose of making change for monies received during the course of business. (Ord. 2009-703 § 1; Ord. 2002-543 § 2)

3.12.050 Fund not for personal advances.

The fund may not be used for personal use or personal cash advances secured by check or other I.O.U.s. Any use of the fund for other than expenditures incurred in connection with official city business shall be considered a misappropriation of public funds. (Ord. 2009-703 § 1)

3.12.060 Termination of fund.

Upon termination of the fund, all monies remaining shall be returned to the city’s general fund. (Ord. 2009-703 § 1)