Chapter 3.38


3.38.010  Special investigation fund created.

3.38.020  Purpose and funding.

Legislative history: Ord. 88-181.

3.38.010 Special investigation fund created.

A fund is hereby created within the Mill Creek police department which shall be known as the "special investigation fund" (S.I.F.).

3.38.020 Purpose and funding.

A. The chief of police is authorized to accept such sums as any court shall order paid to the S.I.F., or any other municipality or court or person or organization shall tender to the S.I.F. Said sums shall be spent and applied for the purpose of investigating and apprehending persons involved in the illicit sale or distribution of narcotics, dangerous drugs or controlled substances.

B. The S.I.F. shall be funded initially by the city of Mill Creek in an amount determined appropriate by the chief of police and city manager. Thereafter, funding shall whenever possible be provided by confiscation pursuant to Chapter 69.50 RCW.