Chapter 3.41


3.41.010  Path and trail fund created.

3.41.020  Funding and allocation.

3.41.030  Accounting and operation.

Legislative history: Ord. 94-341.

3.41.010 Path and trail fund created.

A special revenue fund is hereby created and established to be known as the "path and trail fund" (fund). The fund shall be dedicated to collection and disbursement for proceeds from sources that are restricted to appropriations and expenditures for path and trail purposes.

3.41.020 Funding and allocation.

The city council shall, in each annual budget and as may otherwise be required, allocate and appropriate from special revenue sources monies available to carry out the purposes of the fund.

3.41.030 Accounting and operation.

The fund shall be operated in conformity with standard administrative and accounting procedures used by the city, and shall be subject to the limitations and restrictions contained in Chapter 47.30 RCW.