Chapter 4.18


4.18.010    Purposes – Intent.

4.18.020    Design review board authority and duties.

4.18.030    Appointments and qualifications.

4.18.040    Term expiration.

4.18.050    Regular meetings.

4.18.060    Rules.

4.18.070    Subcommittees.

Legislative history: Ords. 84-24, 90-231, 92-280 and 93-311.

4.18.010 Purposes – Intent.

The design review board is created to review and make urban design decisions that will promote visual quality throughout the city of Mill Creek. The purpose of design review includes but is not limited by the references contained in Ordinance No. 84-24. (Ord. 2006-640 § 6; Ord. 2004-592 § 1. Formerly 2.24.010)

4.18.020 Design review board authority and duties.

A. The design review board shall review and act on the following matters:

1. All building elevations and landscape plans for attached single-family residential, multifamily residential, industrial, and commercial developments.

2. All streetscape landscaping and monument signs for detached and attached single-family residential, multifamily residential, industrial, and commercial developments.

3. All design of landscaping for city rights-of-way, medians, entrances, and other public facilities and city-owned properties.

4. Any other elements of site design if required as a condition of development approval by the hearing examiner or director.

B. The design review board shall be authorized to develop expanded and/or additional review criteria and forward its recommendation for adoption by the city council. (Ord. 2014-777 § 1; Ord. 2006-640 § 6; Ord. 2004-592 § 1. Formerly 2.24.020)

4.18.030 Appointments and qualifications.

A. The design review board shall consist of five members.

B. The members of the design review board shall be urban design professionals experienced in the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, graphic design or similar disciplines and need not be residents of the city. No design review board member shall be a current employee or official of the city. (Ord. 2006-640 § 6; Ord. 2004-592 § 1. Formerly 2.24.030)

4.18.040 Term expiration.

The term of each position shall expire on August 31st in the final year of each term. (Ord. 2006-640 § 6; Ord. 2004-592 § 1. Formerly 2.24.040)

4.18.050 Regular meetings.

The design review board shall hold regular meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 5:15 p.m. (Ord. 2006-640 § 6; Ord. 2004-592 § 1. Formerly 2.24.045)

4.18.060 Rules.

The design review board may adopt rules for the transaction of its business. The rules shall be consistent with the development code and may provide for but are not to be limited to the date, time, place and format of regular meetings. Provision shall be made for a record of proceedings, reports, studies, findings, conclusions and decisions. Said rules shall provide for the election of a chairman and vice chairman of the design review board for a one-year term. Said rules shall provide that the meetings of the design review board shall be open to the public; provided, that no special notice of the meetings need be given and that such meetings be public hearings although the design review board may solicit explanations and additional input from the applicant or applicant’s representatives and such other sources as the design review board deems necessary to enable them to complete their review of the application. The proposed rules of the design review board shall be forwarded to the city council for its approval. However, approval by the council is not necessary in order for the design review board to conduct business. (Ord. 2006-640 § 6; Ord. 2004-592 § 1. Formerly 2.24.080)

4.18.070 Subcommittees.

A subcommittee, comprised of design review board members, may be appointed by the design review board to review and make final decisions on individual design issues. (Ord. 2006-640 § 6)