Chapter 15.18


15.18.010  Purpose.

15.18.020  Definitions.

15.18.030  Sanitation facilities required – Schedule – Maintenance.

Legislative history: Ord. 90-217.

15.18.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to ensure that adequate sanitary facilities are provided by builders on all construction sites within the city of Mill Creek.

15.18.020 Definitions.

A. "Contractor" shall mean any person, firm or corporation who has been issued a building permit by the city of Mill Creek.

B. "Worker" shall mean any person at a work place who is employed by or working for or on behalf of a contractor.

C. "Work place" shall mean any place within the city where work is being done pursuant to a building permit held by the contractor.

15.18.030 Sanitation facilities required – Schedule – Maintenance.

A. Toilets, either portable or flush, shall be provided by every contractor within 250 feet of a work place in accordance with Table 15-2.

Table 15-2

Total number of workers present during any
24-hour period

Minimum number of toilets

1 – 10


11 – 25


26 – 40


41 – 60


61 – 80


Where there are 11 or more workers, separate toilets shall be provided for each sex.

B. Toilets shall be maintained by the contractor in clean, sanitary and functional condition. Internal latches shall be provided to prevent inadvertent entry. Each toilet shall be cleaned and maintained on a routine basis, including chemicals, toilet tissue and sanitary seat covers in a supply sufficient for use during any 24-hour period. Defective or inadequate toilets shall be immediately removed from service and replaced with functioning toilets. If portable toilets are used, only self-contained, noncaustic chemical toilets equipped with a waste receiving chemical holding container are acceptable. Portable chemical toilets consisting of only a holding tank, commonly referred to as "elevator units" or "elevator toilets," are not acceptable.