Chapter 16.01


16.01.010  Purpose.

16.01.020  Scope.

Legislative history: Ord. 97-406.

16.01.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this title includes but is not limited to regulating the subdivision of land pursuant to Chapter 58.17 RCW, implementing the goals and requirements of Chapters 36.70A, 36.70B, and 36.70C RCW, furthering the public health, safety and general welfare, and preventing public nuisances. The purpose of this title also includes, without limitation:

A. Providing for the platting, subdivision, dedication and recording of land development.

B. Providing for safe and adequate vehicular and pedestrian access.

C. Providing for safe and adequate streets, utilities, parks, recreation facilities, schools, school grounds, and other public facilities.

D. Providing for appropriate, sufficient and healthful levels of light, air, water, habitat, open space and maintaining environmental quality and community aesthetics.

E. Implementing the goals and policies of the comprehensive plan together with the purposes and requirements of the development code.

F. Requiring uniform monumentation and description of subdivided land and conveyancing by accurate legal description.

G. Providing for binding site plans and flexible development design on land so regulated.

H. Providing expeditious procedures for short subdivisions and boundary line adjustments.

I. Providing high-quality, well-designed developments that are considerate of the city’s natural features.

J. Providing adequate and properly constructed public and private improvements. (Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

16.01.020 Scope.

No land shall be divided for the purposes of sale, lease, or development, and no land so divided shall be sold, conveyed, transferred, leased or offered for sale or lease until the owner of the land has fully complied with the provisions of this title and MCMC Titles 14 through 18, except:

A. Land used for cemeteries or other burial plots.

B. Land divided by testamentary provisions or the law of descent.

C. A division for the purpose of lease when no residential structure other than mobile homes or travel trailers are permitted; provided, that a binding site plan has been approved and recorded.

D. Divisions of land into lots or tracts zoned for commercial, industrial or multi-family residential; provided, that a binding site plan has been approved and recorded.

E. Divisions of land into lots or tracts if the division subjects a portion of a parcel or tract of land to either Chapter 64.32 or 64.34 RCW; provided, that a binding site plan has been approved and recorded; and further provided, that required condominium documents have been reviewed and approved.

F. A division of a lot by the dedication of a public and/or private right-of-way. (Ord. 2005-609 § 2)