Chapter 16.20


16.20.010  Fees.

16.20.020  Security devices and bonds.

16.20.030  General review and approval authority.

Legislative history: Ord. 97-406.

16.20.010 Fees.

Fees shall be paid in full in advance as required by MCMC Title 3. (Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

16.20.020 Security devices and bonds.

All security devices and releases thereof shall be approved as to form and substance by the city attorney and approved by the city engineer as to amount and adequacy before acceptance or issuance by the city. (Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

16.20.030 General review and approval authority.

Security devices for completed or partially completed public improvements shall not be released except when the city engineer has determined the release satisfies the following conditions, all of which shall be deemed incorporated into each secured performance and/or maintenance agreement:

A. The developer has submitted a schedule of improvements, the sequence for completion and the value of each part of the public improvement for which a release of security device may be sought.

B. A partial release shall only be allowed for completed and accepted improvements in one of two categories: (1) all below ground improvements, such as the storm drainage system; or (2) all above ground improvements such as paving, curb and gutter and sidewalk. Further subdivision of improvements within each category shall not be allowed.

C. Each segment of the improvement shall be usable by itself without completion of the remainder of the improvement.

D. Each segment of the improvement shall have received final inspection and acceptance by the city before release of the security device for that part of the improvement.

E. All partial releases on each improvement shall comprise no more than 100 percent of the estimated value of the entire completed improvement.

F. All releases shall be pre-approved in writing by the city engineer.

G. A maintenance agreement for the accepted improvement has been executed in accordance with Chapter 16.16 MCMC. The developer shall be responsible for the maintenance obligation of the partially completed improvements until 24 months after final acceptance of all public improvements. (Ord. 2005-609 § 2)