Chapter 17.16


17.16.005    Purpose.

17.16.010    Principal uses.

17.16.020    Secondary uses.

17.16.030    Conditional uses.

17.16.035    Review requirements.

17.16.040    Minimum lot size.

17.16.050    Maximum density.

17.16.060    Maximum lot coverage.

17.16.070    Maximum height.

17.16.080    Setbacks.

17.16.085    Streetscape and roadway buffer/cutting preserves.

17.16.090    Project design.

17.16.100    Open space and recreation facilities.

Legislative history: Ords. 91-262, 92-275, 93-299, 95-349 and 97-406.

17.16.005 Purpose.

The purpose of this district is to implement the community business land use designation of the comprehensive plan by locating commercial businesses and higher density residential uses near activity areas, pedestrian accesses, and major transportation arterials. Uses permitted within this district are intended to provide a broad range of goods and services to the surrounding community. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.010 Principal uses.

Principal uses are:

A. Retail and wholesale sales;

B. Professional services;

C. Personal services, including self service;

D. Offices;

E. Health care, excluding overnight accommodations;

F. Restaurants and taverns;

G. Commercial recreation facilities;

H. Hotels and motels;

I. Accessory structures and uses;

J. Parking facilities;

K. Banks and similar uses;

L. Veterinary clinics and indoor animal boarding; and

M. Commercial day care centers. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.020 Secondary uses.

Secondary uses are:

A. Multi-family dwellings. For purposes of this subsection, the term “lot” in the definition of “secondary use” includes the entire area of the binding site plan within which the multi-family dwellings are located or were originally approved.

B. On-site hazardous waste treatment and storage facilities that are directly associated with principal uses; provided, that such facilities comply with the state siting criteria contained in RCW 70.105.210 and WAC 173-303-282, or their successors.

C. Outside sales, display, and eating and drinking establishment seating subject to the performance standards under MCMC 17.22.070(C). (Ord. 2014-776 § 3; Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2008-682 § 2; Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.030 Conditional uses.

Conditional uses permitted in this zoning district shall be processed in accordance with Chapter 17.28 MCMC. Conditional uses are:

A. Commercial kennels;

B. Religious facilities;

C. Schools;

D. Public and utility buildings and structures except transmission lines and structures;

E. Structures other than buildings over 35 feet high;

F. Service stations;

G. Vehicle sales and service;

H. Accessory satellite signal transmitting and receiving antennas over four feet in diameter external to or attached to the exterior of any building;

I. Theaters; and

J. Essential public facilities. (Ord. 2019-850 § 10; Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2008-682 § 2, 2008; Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.035 Review requirements.

All development in the CB district shall be processed as either a preliminary plat or binding site plan in accordance with MCMC Title 16, Subdivisions and Plats. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.040 Minimum lot size.

The minimum lot size shall be 7,200 square feet. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.050 Maximum density.

The maximum density per acre is 16 dwelling units. Densities shall be calculated under the provisions of MCMC 16.12.050. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.060 Maximum lot coverage.

Maximum lot coverage: None. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.070 Maximum height.

The maximum height shall be 40 feet. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.080 Setbacks.

Setbacks shall be:

A. Front yard: zero feet.

B. Side yard: None, except when abutting a residential zone, which shall then be 25 feet.

C. Rear yard: None, except when abutting a residential zone, which shall then be 25 feet. (Ord. 2010-717 §  2 (Exh. B); Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.085 Streetscape and roadway buffer/cutting preserves.

Streetscape design and roadway buffer/cutting preserve tracts adjacent to arterial and collector streets shall be provided in accordance with the city’s comprehensive plan, streetscape element. Roadway buffer/cutting preserves to be provided range from 50 feet from the edge of the right-of-way for residential uses to 35 feet for nonresidential uses. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.090 Project design.

Development within this zone district shall be designed in conformance with the design principles and standards set out in Chapter 17.34 MCMC, Design Review. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.16.100 Open space and recreation facilities.

Open space and recreation facility requirements are located in Chapters 16.12 and 17.22 MCMC. (Ord. 2009-702 § 2 (Exh. C); Ord. 2006-633 § 2)