Chapter 17.42


17.42.010  Fee schedule and deposits.

17.42.020  Time of payment.

17.42.030  Enforcement.

Legislative history: Ords. 86-133, 91-262, 93-300 and 97-406.

17.42.010 Fee schedule and deposits.

Fees and deposits shall be as provided in Chapter 3.42 MCMC. A deposit of an amount determined by the director may be required for the review of applications by city-hired consultants as authorized by MCMC 3.42.180 and 18.06.540. (Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.42.020 Time of payment.

All fees and deposits required under this title are due and payable upon submittal of the application for the action requested. Expenses incurred by the city in the administration of this title are due upon billing and payable in full within 10 days of the billing date. (Ord. 2005-609 § 2)

17.42.030 Enforcement.

The city shall enforce the payment in accordance with Chapter 17.40 MCMC. (Ord. 2005-609 § 2)