Chapter 17.68


17.68.010    Initiation.

17.68.020    Decision and appeal process.

17.68.030    Review and approval criteria.

17.68.010 Initiation.

The zoning code may be amended whenever public necessity, convenience, or welfare requires. This code may be amended by amending the zoning map, or by amending the text of this code. Such amendments may be initiated by:

A. The verified application of one or more owners (including contract purchasers) of property which is proposed to be changed or reclassified; or

B. Adoption of a motion by the city council, requesting the planning commission to set a matter for meeting and recommendation. (Ord. 1741 § 35, 2009).

17.68.020 Decision and appeal process.

The planning commission shall review applications for zoning code amendments pursuant to Process Type VI of Chapter 17.71 MMC (Permit Decision and Appeal Processes). The planning commission shall forward its recommendation to the city council for final decision. (Ord. 1741 § 35, 2009).

17.68.030 Review and approval criteria.

When reviewing amendment requests the staff, planning commission and city council shall, at a minimum, apply the following criteria and prepare findings that show:

A. Consistency with the adopted Milton comprehensive plan;

B. Consistency with countywide planning policies and the Growth Management Act;

C. Consistency with other sections and chapters of the Milton Municipal Code;

D. An evaluation of the long-term consequences of the change;

E. For site specific rezones, the rezone must bear a substantial relationship to the public health, safety, morals, or welfare and must either implement the comprehensive plan or a change in circumstances must necessitate the rezone. (Ord. 1741 § 35, 2009).