Chapter 6.12
Emergency Fireworks Ban


6.12.010    Findings.

6.12.020    Mayor authorized.

6.12.030    Violation--Penalty.

6.12.010 Findings.

The city council of the city of Montesano finds that as a result of unusual atmospheric conditions in the summer of 2021 including high temperatures, winds and dry vegetation the city must protect its citizens, public and private property against loss or substantial damage, injury and/or death to its citizens. (Ord. 1643 §1, 2022).

6.12.020 Mayor authorized.

Effective three hundred sixty-five days from the passage of the ordinance codified in this chapter, at times when the burning index is extreme for the entire county and/or the fuel moisture content of the ten-hour fuels is below eight anywhere in the city, the mayor is authorized after consulting with the fire chief, police chief and city forester to order that the conditions are too dangerous to allow the use of fireworks within the city of Montesano. Notice shall be posted on all places used to inform the public as well as news outlets such as newspapers, radio stations and at any other locations as he/she may determine to help inform the public as to the danger and the prohibitions imposed. (Ord. 1643 §2, 2022).

6.12.030 Violation--Penalty.

Violations of the emergency prohibitions shall be punished as a misdemeanor. (Ord. 1643 §3, 2022).